Charles Leclerc with Dominant Driving to Win Italian GP 1

Charles Leclerc with Dominant Driving to Win Italian GP

Charles Leclerc who went to Monza expecting to be welcomed by the adoring Tifosi fans after he helped the team win their first race of the season down in Belgium, found nothing but love in Italy.

Th monza track is well known for some of it’s great straights, something that Ferrari have enjoyed this season. Their cars are extremely phenomenal in the straight tracks and will always be hard to compete against.

Charles Leclerc stood on the podium as a winner for a second time in a week, soaking up the adoration of thousands of tifosi celebrating the first Ferrari win in Italy since 2010.

While Vettel endured one of the worst races of his career, his team-mate was out front confirming his status as a major new star in F1.

This was a superb win, albeit a somewhat a controversial one, a great drive in a thrilling race, in which Leclerc had to sustain the most intense pressure from one Mercedes driver or another for the entirety of the race distance.

Charles Leclerc with Dominant Driving to Win Italian GP 2
Leclerc continued with his impressive start to the second half of the season by winning the second race. (Image Credit: theparcfeme)

It was an absolutely fantastic grand Prix to watch and overall a superlative drive by Leclerc. But there were a couple of shaky moments.

On lap 23, Hamilton got a run on Leclerc into the second chicane after the two had overtaken Nico Hulkenberg’s out-of-stop-sequence Renault down the main straight.

The world champion went for the outside and Leclerc moved over on him, Hamilton edging on to the grass to avoid a collision.

Charles Leclerc with Dominant Driving to Win Italian GP 3
Binotto and the team will celebrate this second after a torrid first half of criticism. (Image Credit: Reuters)

Leclerc seemed to have come perilously close to breaking the rule that says a driver moving back to the racing line to defend his position must leave at least a car’s width on his outside. He said he thought he had; Hamilton said he definitely had not.

Leclerc managed to defend his lead during the race against both Hamilton and Bottas and went on to win the Italian Grand Prix much to the joy and happiness of the Tifosi fans at Monza.

For Ferrari, this will glimer of hope for their horrible campaign so far, but now with the tracks that had straights they were capitalizing, it will be interesting to see if the Red car will be able to stop Mercedes from a 1 and 2 in the remaining races.

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Charles Leclerc with Dominant Driving to Win Italian GP 4

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