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5 Reasons Why Longboarding Is the Best Option for Beginners

Longboarding is a versatile activity that will help you develop various skills that you can apply to other activities. Working to achieve a goal is a process that involves dedicating time and consistency to progressively improve and gain more experience.

You can choose from different types of board-related activities, but some of them require a higher level of skill. Longboarding is the best option for beginners for various reasons, from board size to manageability and riding options.

More Stability

One of the main challenges beginners face is that smaller boards are harder to step on for the first time and harder to maintain balance on. Longboards, as their name suggests, cover more surface area and provide more stability to beginners learning basic skills. The best exercises to develop more stability are static standing, changing feet on the board, and balancing on one foot.

Simpler Tricks

The size of a longboard makes it simpler to start learning tricks of different difficulty levels because more stability means more opportunities. One of the main activities for longboarding is downhill riding, which requires experience and simple board management. Tricks on a longboard are simpler than on a skateboard, making it easier to develop your skills and work toward other tricks over time, such as a pivot or a nollie.

Wider Stance

Placing your feet correctly on the board is one of the essential first steps to start mastering this activity. You can explore both regular vs. goofy stances based on how comfortable you feel managing your board effectively. How you stand on the board will help you better manage your tricks and skills; the main difference between both options is how you will use your stronger leg for certain actions.

Increase Cardio

Most physical activities require moderate cardiovascular resistance to deliver good results and complete activities effectively. Beginning your board journey with a longboard is the best way to improve your cardio through daily commutes and simple activities. You don’t have to be a marathonist to develop your skills; practising consistently will help you achieve better results.

Join a Community

The longboarding community is a tight group that welcomes new members with open arms and is ready to help them achieve their goals. Longboarding as a beginner requires the help and guidance of more experienced people. Joining a group will give you the confidence to practice more often as you learn from professionals and alongside other beginners.


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