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Amazon To Broadcast English Premier League Games

Tech giant Amazon has agreed to a $90million deal with the English Premier League to broadcast 20 games this season. 

The tech giants want to tap into the most watched sport or league in the world which could skyrocket their subscription rates. Amazon, started by broadcasting two Premier League games earlier this week on Tuesday as it started the midweek fixture craze during this busy festive season. 

The English Premier League is believed to be having a total viewership of about 4.7 billion people across the globe, which will be a big bonus for the American streaming platform.

In June 2018, Amazon won the rights to show 20 English Premier League (EPL) matches per season from 2019/20. Tuesday night’s fixtures between Burnley and Manchester City, Crystal Palace versus Bournemouth, marked Amazon’s first official entry into the prized EPL.

Of course, the streaming of the EPL games comes with it’s own costs and issues, and there were complaints raised about the broadcasting issues. 

Amazon will bring English Premier League superstars to you online

Amazon To Broadcast The English Premier League - Newslibre
Amazon subscribers will now be able to watch Mane on Amazon Prime. (Image Credit: stadiumastro) – Newslibre

The biggest complaint appeared to be streaming issues. According to U.K.’s Independent newspaper, “buffering at inopportune times” and “commentary out of sync.”

The newspaper added that the delay to the feed was often up to a minute behind the action, which could annoy viewers who were exposed to two different streams or goal notifications on their smartphones.

Among the praises that came from some of the fans, they were happy with the fact that they could hear the people cheering live at the stadium. Others praised the EPL for its live data, which allows viewers to check team line-ups or replay game highlights.

Amazon has also offered the option for fans to listen without commentary but can still hear the stadium noise, an option which has pleased several fans.

Amazon also promoted the matches as “free-to-air,” which is true in the sense that there is a 30 day-trial available. Beyond that, U.K.-based soccer fans will pay the Prime membership fee of £7.99 (UGX 38,721) per month, or an annual fee of £79 (UGX 382,378).

So, will this move affect some of the companies that are still using normal broadcasting setups like Startimes, DSTV among others? The growing and continuous migration of users to online streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ has tremendously skyrocketed in the past few years which leaves a huge untapped market for Africa as well.


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