Startup chat: Flare an Emergency Response Startup in Kenya 1

Startup chat: Flare an Emergency Response Startup in Kenya

This is one of the successful tech startups in Kenya to watch out for. This is an application that was built with the aim of enabling people to access ambulances fast. It operates like Uber, only that Flare deals with enabling access to ambulances.

Through this app, a person can request for an ambulance very fast and easy. This startup has helped in saving the lives of many people being that an ambulance arrives very fast when a person makes a request.

In the recent attacks that happened in Kenya, Flare was very instrumental in getting people who had been injured and harmed out of the place and taking them to the nearest hospitals.

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The Flare startup was very pivotal during the recent attacks that happened in Nairobi. (Image Credit: umaizi)

In East Africa, Kenya boasts of having the fastest emergency response teams but with Flare now, the ambulances and all other response teams can be contacted and redirected so fast on where an ambulance or other emergency response teams like firefighters are needed.

Its new Rescue system allows subscribers to call one hotline during a medical emergency, from which they are instantly connected to a large network of quality providers. The medical team is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ensures help within 15 minutes.

While there are plenty of quality ambulances, the startup believes the lack of a coordinated system means that often the closest ambulance is not dispatched to patients and ambulance crews struggle to locate where the patient is calling from.

“Our tech solves both of those problems,” said Maria Rabinovich, the other founder who leads Flare’s tech team

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Clients can order for the ambulances using mobile phones given they have an app but can also call or text. (Image Credit: BBC)

“We want to completely change people’s expectations around how simple and fast emergency help can be in Nairobi. That’s why we are willing to make this promise to all of our members.”

Subscribers pay up to Kshs 2,400 which is the equivalent of $24. This means that clients can be able to get access to all emergency services whenever they are in need easily.

The  services are available online on the App, web application but also, the services are also available on phone where clients can call in or text.

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