It's All Joy as Telecom Company Introduces Data Bundles that Don't Expire 1

It’s All Joy as Telecom Company Introduces Data Bundles that Don’t Expire

As the competition between telecoms gets stiffer and the demands of the users getting even higher, the companies must adjust by coming up with some better services.

In Kenya, internet has been relatively cheaper and this has since seen a high rise of internet users in the country. The biggest issue for most of the users has been the fact that internet bundles always had a time span.

Users always had to deal with daily data bundles, weekly and monthly packages. For those on the daily bundle package, the data would always get done after 24 hours of one loading the package.

Kenya’s biggest and most successful Telecom company today surprised it’s clients when it announced that their clients would no longer have to worry about data expiry as the data would last for longer. This comes after they introduced packages that will no longer expire.

As Kenya’s largest telcom giant turns 19, the company has introduced a new set of bundles that don’t have an expiry date in a bid to stay “simple, transparent and honest” to its customers.

The new bundles are offered across calling minutes, SMS and even data bundles from as low as Kes.1. This should be very cheap even for those in low income groups.

It's All Joy as Telecom Company Introduces Data Bundles that Don't Expire 2
Kenya’s internet service just got better (Image Credit: Gadgets Africa)

To access the bundles that don’t expire, Safaricom subscribers should dial *544# where they will get a new menu with three options; data bundles, calls and SMS and also the normal bundles with an expiry date.

The biggest difference between these new bundles and the old bundles is not only the expiry date but also you get to input how much you want to spend and the system will show you how many bundles you will get for that amount.

What is key to note is that the the bundles or packages that expire are also still available and so one can always choose which package they want.

But the thought is that most of the people will choose to go with the packages that don’t expire. I would think that no one wants to see their money just go to waste because they were busy and weren’t able to complete their bundles.

Story sourced from Gadgets Africa

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It's All Joy as Telecom Company Introduces Data Bundles that Don't Expire 3

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