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German Student Creates an Amazing Mobile Airbag

We have all had that incident where we drop our phones accidentally and end up breaking the screen which probably costs more to fix despite having a protector.

But that all comes to an end as a new phone case is in town bringing more protection than a M1 Abram’s tank on the battlefield.

A German engineering student by the names of Philip Frenzel has developed a mobile airbag which is a specialized case that deploys springy, spider-like legs as it starts to fall to protect the smartphone from damage.

The mobile airbag known as the “ADcase”, has legs which are meant to soften the impact of a fall more than an average phone case while making sure all the fragile parts of the smartphone are protected from damage.

The ADcase – “AD” stands for “active damping”.

Frenzel’s design secured him a 2018 award from the German Society for Mechatronics, as an appreciation for his innovative capabilities.

The German student decided to come up with this brilliant idea to design a better phone case after he himself one day lost his iPhone to fall which left it badly damaged beyond repair. He was driven by this experience to come up with an innovative solution.

While working on his idea, Frenzel decided to experiment with a specialized case fitted with sensors that could detect when a phone was in freefall, and deploy a set of retractable legs bound by metal springs in response.

Frenzel is planning on turning his idea into a business when brings his creation which is now patented to Kickstarter. We are not clear on what the price will be for the ADcase but, the campaign is expected to launch sometime in July.

There’s already an official ADcase website, and it suggests that the initial product offering will be limited to more recent iPhone models like the 6 and 6 Plus including the iPhone X.

We hope the new mobile airbag will also come to Android users and other smartphone products along the way.

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German Student Creates an Amazing Mobile Airbag 1

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