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Moon By 1-Ring: The Levitating 360 Smart Home Camera

The Moon is an innovative camera built by 1-Ring to be an easier to setup smart home solution and a security camera.

The camera is smooth and noise – free made of a combination of plastic, rubber and Aluminium. The coolest thing about the round camera is how it beautifully floats (levitates) when using the standard package that has a base unit.

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It uses wireless charging and covers 360°, if the system detects sound or motion, it turns to where it is coming from and takes an image or video. Then it notifies the home owner through the Moon Commander app on their device.

In their sample footage, a woman comes back home with the dogs and opens the door – The Moon detects movement and sound and turns towards her, then it sends video recordings to the owner who is away from home while notifying him that Anna is home at 17:11.

1-Ring claims that the technology used to create the levitational 360° technology was invented by them and is patented.

The Moon also has sensors that detect temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and light. You can set it to switch on and off the lights and probably manage the temperature. The device is built to be customizable so over time you can control what it does, set it up to your own taste and have it respond the way you want it to.

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Features of The Moon on the 1-Ring website

There is support for free cloud backups to your providers such as DropBox, One Drive, Box and Google Drive and also use of tools like IFTTT to create customized flavours and instructions. You can connect the moon to WiFi, Bluetooth smart IoT, ZigBee, NFC and ZWave Plus.

If you prefer local storage, you can record up to 12 hours of HD video on the inbuilt storage or add a MicroSD card up to 128GB.

You can find more on 1-Ring.

A video of The Moon by 1-Ring:

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Moon By 1-Ring: The Levitating 360 Smart Home Camera 1

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