Fear For War: Tensions Rise Globally Amidst Russia and US Tensions | Newslibre

Fear For War: Tensions Rise Globally Amidst Russia and US Tensions

A major wave of fear is sweeping around the world because of Russia – US crisis over Syria. Many have been quick to speculate a probable spark of World War 3 to even out the playing field.

This is because a lot of reports from Moscow indicate that Russia might be planning a “major retaliation” against America following its intervention in Syria with UK and France where they bombed several facilities claiming they contained chemical weapons despite denials from Syrian president, Assad and Russia.

Trump’s government also announced fresh sanctions on Russia to supplement on the one’s US announced earlier this month when it added 38 Russian entrepreneurs, senior officials and companies to its sanctions list as part of an effort to crack down on the country’s “malign activity” taking place across the globe.

In response, Russia has been considering banning imports of US agricultural, alcoholic, and tobacco products as well as medical drugs.

The Kremlin and Iran have been under intensive heat from the US for allegedly backing and offering financial support to the “illegitimate” government of Syria’s Bashir Assad, but Russia and Iran claim Syria was legitimately fighting the increase of insurgency from ISIS terrorist forces in his country.

Fear For War: Tensions Rise Globally Amidst Russia and US Tensions | Newslibre
Recent air strikes on Syrian soil by US and it’s allies have left a dark sense of uncertainty on how Russia will respond amidst tensions of a possible World War 3.

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Many are wondering why the USA is fighting against Bashir’s regime yet he is helping fight against ISIS and terrorist forces which has led conspiracy theorists to assume that America is just bitter about Russia’s involvement and influence in the region that they are willing to use the pretense of fighting against chemical weapons to weaken Assad and run him out of the presidency like they did in Iraq.

This is similar to Déjà vu, Britain and US started the war in Iraq on the basis of existing weapons of mass destruction which were never found until date. The war saw the hanging of Saddam Hussein and a massive loss of life plus such a huge financial cost that the US later fell into a recession.

Similarly, recently an inspection team was supposed to go to Syria to examine some of the places the USA alleged contained chemical weapons, but America bombed these exact places on Saturday morning just a day before the investigators could arrive leaving no evidence if there was any.

Fear For War: Tensions Rise Globally Amidst Russia and US Tensions | Newslibre
According to a 2011 Iraq Body Count, between 103,013 and 112,571 Iraqi civilians have died in violence. The US led war against Iraq has left thousands dead. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

Military action was taken against the Barzah Research and Development Centre outside Damascus with 76 missiles and what the US military described as the Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Complex outside the city of Homs and attacks on Syrian military bases without concrete evidence and approval from the British parliament or American congress.

Relations between Washington, London and Moscow declined tremendously since an ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal was poisoned with a nerve agent on British soil forcing Putin to expel several Western diplomats from Moscow.

Mr. Maxim Sokolov, Russia’s transport minister confirmed that it is true, Putin’s government is actively considering how to react and will announce shortly. Putin has yet to have a formal public statement since the incident in Syria on Saturday.

Fear For War: Tensions Rise Globally Amidst Russia and US Tensions 1

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