Zari Hassan Closes Deal With Mercedes Benz – AMG |

Zari Closes Deal With Mercedes Benz – AMG

Zari Hassan, a ‘momprenuer‘ – business woman and a mother of five. And one with an eye for extremely luxurious expensive exotic cars. Chrysler, Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi Q7, BMW, Range Rover; these are some of the toys she’s fond of.

She and her late ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga stunned Kampala streets when they brought a Yellow Lamborghini, and it was just a drop in their fancy cars ocean. The butterfly doors brought the Hip Hop music video fantasies to life for most of us. Seeing this ‘beast’ off the TV screen was exciting.

Zari Hassan Closes Deal With Mercedes Benz – AMG |
Yellow Lamborghini

Zari drives the latest in cars, whether at home in Kampala or elsewhere on the continent i.e. South Africa and Tanzania. Her taste in cars is probably the one thing that makes her the outstanding icon she is on social media. Others can compete, but her car game will most certainly have you posting your Kia less.

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In the latest; Zari has just signed a hefty deal with Mercedes Benz in South Africa. According to our sources, this makes her an Ambassador for the brand that makes the best cars in the world – arguably. Signing a deal with Mercedes is one thing, but signing one with AMG, that’s the real deal. And Zari’s deal is with Mercedes – AMG.

Zari Hassan Closes Deal With Mercedes Benz – AMG |
Zari shared the news in an Instagram Post

It is reported that, the deal signing makes her the Mercedes face in East Africa as that’s where she has the biggest following. Financial details of what the deal entails remain a well-guarded secret, but nonetheless, this is Mercedes, the paycheck ought to be big.

Zari Hassan Closes Deal With Mercedes Benz – AMG |
Zari’s deal is with Mercedes – AMG.

What is AMG?

AMG is the in-house tuning / sports division of Mercedes Benz. They make sports versions of popular production Mercedes Benzs.

AMG cars are the top performers from the luxurious car brand. If you see someone that driving a Mercedes with the AMG tag, respect the man, he is driving a true engineering marvel.

AMG is also responsible for Mercedes’ Formula 1 team, and the reason Lewis Hamilton is the king of F1.

Image result for Mercedes Benz AMG
Mercedes Benz – AMG GT


Zari Closes Deal With Mercedes Benz – AMG 1

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