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US Denies Tanzanian Anti-Gay Official Visa

A renown Tanzanian official who has been key in promoting the anti-gay agenda in the country has found himself denied visa and entry into USA.

According to AP,  United States has sanctioned a Tanzanian official who sparked fear in the gay community by announcing plans to track and punish homosexuals in the country.

The U.S. statement Friday said “Paul Christian Makonda, regional commissioner for Dar es Salaam, is accused of “targeting marginalized individuals,” repressing the opposition and cracking down on freedom of expression.

In a travel warning in December, the U.S. said “individuals detained under suspicion of same-sex sexual conduct could be subject to forced anal examinations.”

The US has banned the Tanzanian Official from ever entering the country.

The new statement also says the U.S. is deeply concerned with the deteriorating respect for human rights in Tanzania, whose first-term President John Magufuli has been accused by rights groups of widespread repression of the opposition, journalists and others.

The U.S. statement comes ahead of Tanzania’s presidential election in October. A separate statement by the U.S. Embassy on Friday said it was encouraged by Magufuli’s assurances of a “free, fair, and transparent” vote and his invitation to international observers.

It is believed that even the close family members are still barred from entering into the United States. The fight against homophobia has been a huge battle for United States and more so in countries that haven’t come out to show their willingness to support the LGBT community.


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US Denies Tanzanian Anti-Gay Official Visa 1

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