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Uber Offers Insurance for UberBoda Passengers in Uganda

The battle for the bodaboda reigns is fiery like a fresh stirred up fire on a charcoal stove. Several companies are battling for market share and control such as Safeboda, UberBoda, Taxify, Call Jack and others.

Besides the common second helmet for the passenger, speed limit, stopping on traffic lights and offering training to their bodaboda riders, Uber has partnered with UAP Old Mutual Life Assurance to offer a personal accident insurance policy for all their clients who request for a boda trip through their app.

The insurance cover automatically starts the moment your trip begins until when the trip ends and it is offered for free. It can be claimed by passengers in the unfortunate event of an injury or accident on an UberBoda.

  • According to Uber, the insurance offers the following benefits:
  • Accidental medical expenses up to shs. 600,000
  • Compensation for death or permanent total disability up to shs. 1,800,000
  • 550,000 for funeral expenses

In case of an injury or accident, you can get in touch with Uber through the in-app help feature. The insurance cover has reportedly been in place for all riders in Kampala since 1st May, 2018.

The amount of cover offered may not seem like much, but it is something that is not being offered by the other partners or a regular boda. It is definitely a nod in the right direction to try and improve transportation in Kampala as well as professionalise bodabodas.

Uber hopes this will give you a peace of mind to ride with their UberBodas with less worry knowing that you are covered by an insurance policy as well as in the hands of professional riders whose aim is to get you to your destination safely.

Source: Uber

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