Donald Trump's walk of fame star vandalized several times.

Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Desecrated

President Donald Trump’s Hollywood walk of fame star has been desecrated. This took place on 12th November, 2019 one day into his impeachment hearings.

A video released by TMZ shows a woman spraying white paint over Trump’s star during the day. As she engaged in the act, passersby seem to be unbothered offering a glimpse to the incident.

This is not a rear occurrence for Trump’s star as it has faced vandalism previously in the past.

In July 2018, the star was smashed with a pickaxe and prior to the 2016 elections it suffered attack this time with a pickaxe and sledge hammer.

Despite the anonymity of past vandals, Plastic Jesus a British street artist in the past has publicly embraced his vandalism on Trump’s star.

Donald Trump’s walk of fame star has been vandalized several times before

In September 2018, Plastic Jesus placed prison bars over the star symbolizing President Trump’s arrest if found guilty of a crime. He went on to post pictures of the act on his Instagram page and also emailed them to the HuffPost.

In protest of the U.S- Mexico border, Plastic Jesus erected a tiny wall around the star in 2016.

Amidst Plastic Jesus’s acts, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to have Trump’s star removed however, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in charge of the Walk of Fame said a star has never been removed.

Donald Trump's Hollywood star continuously vandalized.
Donald Trump’s Hollywood star of fame has suffered a lot of damaged in the previous years. (Image credit: Vanity Fair)

How a celebrity gets a star

For a celebrity to get a Hollywood Star of Fame, the first step is for them to be nominated under of the five categories of radio, motion picture, live performance/theater, television and recording. He/She has to be or have been an active member in the entertainment business.

The nominees are then tabled for selection before the Walk of Fame Committee made up of people from 5 categories of entertainment and a chairman.

After selection, those who nominated the celebrity pay 40,000$ towards the cost of promotion, the star ceremony and future maintenance.

The celebrity is then contacted and guaranteed to be present at the star ceremony on a date and time mutually agreed upon with the Walk of Fame Committee.

Donald Trump was awarded a star for his work on the Miss Universe Pageant.


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Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Desecrated 1

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