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Tanzania is COVID19 Free According to President Magufuli

Tanzania has been declared COVID19 free by the leader of the country President John Magufuli after he stated that the national “prayers worked”

“The corona disease has been eliminated thanks to God,” Mr. Magufuli told worshippers in a church in the capital, Dodoma.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the government’s strategy on Covid-19. The Tanzanian government stopped reporting cases of COVID19 which is worrying the world health organization.

On 29 April, the last day official data was released, there were 509 cases, with 21 deaths in Tanzania. However, Mr. Magufuli said last week that only four patients were receiving treatment in the largest city, Dar es Salaam.

Reports had been circulating that several people were getting infected with the virus and that many were dying from the pandemic in the East African country.

Last month, Tanzania’s government dismissed a US embassy warning that hospitals in Dar es Salaam were “overwhelmed” and that the chances of contracting the virus were “extremely high”.

Time and again, Mr. Magufuli has said that COVID19 is being exaggerated by the media and went to say that some testing kits were giving false positives after “they tested oil, pawpaws, and goats with the results returning positive”

Tanzania is now COVID19 Free – Mr. Magufuli

“I want to thank Tanzanians of all faiths. We have been praying and fasting for God to save us from the pandemic that has afflicted our country and the world. But God has answered us.

Tanzania is COVID19 Free According to President Magufuli - Newslibre
Mr. Magufuli thanked all believers from different faiths for praying to eliminate COVID19 from the country. (Image Credit: AllAfrica)

“I believe, and I’m certain that many Tanzanians believe, that the corona disease has been eliminated by God,” he told worshippers on Sunday in Dodoma.

Tanzanians have celebrated the news of the elimination of the COVID19 pandemic from the country after Mr. Magufuli made the announcement.

Mr. Magufuli also commended the priest and worshippers for not wearing gloves and masks to protect themselves from the virus.

Tanzania is one of the countries that is urging for the return of professional sports in the country with the National football league set for its return this week.

Neighboring countries Uganda and Kenya have since closed their borders with their counterparts from the south as they believe that they are ferrying more cases of COVID19 into their nations.

Seeing as Tanzania was among the few countries that made requests for the herbal tonic touted by the president of Madagascar as a cure for Covid-19. It is unclear if it has been given to patients in Tanzania. However, for now, Tanzania has declared itself COVID19 free.

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