Soldiers Detain new Mali President and Prime Minister - Newslibre

Soldiers Detain new Mali President and Prime Minister

Malian soldiers, dissatisfied with the new government announced by the transitional authorities, took the president and prime minister by force to the Kati military camp, a few kilometers outside Bamako, in a coup that shook the country, which was already in deep crisis.

A senior military officer told AFP that the president and prime minister are in Kati on business.
A government official, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the information, confirmed that the transitional executive’s heads, President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane, had been taken to Kati, Mali’s military headquarters.

It was there that President-elect Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta was forcibly taken by coup colonels on 18 August 2020 to announce his resignation. It seems that the same colonels are at work nine months later.

Their intentions are not known. In 2012, Prime Minister Modibo Diarra was arrested by coup plotters and forced to resign.

Shortly before, the transitional Prime Minister had indicated that he had been taken under duress by soldiers to the home of President Ban Ndaw on Monday.

“I confirm: Goïta’s men came to get me to take me to the president who lives not far from my residence,” said Moctar Ouane

What led to the Coup in Mali?

On Monday, all seemed well in the Capital City, Bamako. However, there were many serious messages of caution with the international communities and rumors of conflict were surrounding the air too but nothing could be confirmed. Bamako has now seen over 4 coups since 2020 August’s independence day celebrations.

The events occurred just hours after the announcement of a new government, which is still dominated by the military but from which officers close to the junta that took power following the August 2020 coup and led by Assimi Gota have been removed.

Soldiers Detain new Mali President and Prime Minister - Newslibre
The army carried out its 4th coup after many of the army men were not announced by the new Mali government. (Image Credit: MBC)

After a few weeks, the colonels had established transitional authorities, including a president, Ban Ndaw, a retired military officer, and a government led by civilian Moctar Ouane.
They had reluctantly, and under international pressure, committed to handing over power to elected civilians after 18 months, rather than three years, as they believed was necessary.

Faced with mounting political and social unrest, the Prime Minister resigned ten days ago and was immediately reinstated by transitional President Ndaw, who charged him with assembling an inclusive team.

The great unknown was the location that would be given to the military, particularly those close to the former junta, and there has been growing concern in recent days that the colonels are dissatisfied with Moctar Ouane’s choices.

The military continues to hold the ministries of defence, security, territorial administration, and national reconciliation in the transitional government announced by the transitional presidency.

However, two members of the former junta, Colonels Sadio Camara and Modibo Kone, leave their respective portfolios of Defence and Security, as announced in a statement read on public radio and television. General Souleymane Doucoure and General Mamadou Lamine Ballo took their places.

The new government also welcomes two ministers from the Union for the Republic and Democracy (URD), the main political force of the 5-June Movement (M5), the collective that led the protest that resulted in President Keita’s overthrow.

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