Makerere students burn down fomer guild president property.

Makerere University Students Burn Former Guild’s Property in Strike

For the past one week and days, Makerere University has been the heaven of strikes with tear gas being tossed all over the university. Today, the students resumed strike by burning the property of the Former Guild president Papa Were.

The students had been striking because of what they deemed as an unfair increment of the university tuition that was at 15%. Makerere University administration responded by stating that they had gotten a go-ahead from the students.

Students later found out that former Guild President Papa Were had signed the Policy to pass the increment of the 15% tuition increment. The students have since responded by burning his property at Nsibirwa Hall and demolished his room of a residence.


Makerere University Students Burn Former Guild's Property in Strike 1
Students destroyed the property of the Former Guild president.


It is believed that he signed the policy without the knowledge and consent of the students and the student’s representatives. This is something that hasn’t gone down well with the students.

According to our sources, the students want the policy suspended with immediate effect. The current strikes at the University are as a result of failed negotiations between the student leaders and the University management.

Makerere University Students Burn Former Guild's Property in Strike 2
The students have also burnt most of his belongings as a sign of disgruntlement.

Because the students want all their demands to be met whilst not listening to those being pushed ahead by the university management, the management has now claimed that they are being blackmailed and held hostage.

Earlier today, the office of the Vice Guild President received reports that the Guild President Kateregga Julius had been arrested by unknown people moments after being on a TV show at NBS.

Makerere University Students Burn Former Guild's Property in Strike 3
Julius Katerega the current Guild president of the university is believed to have been arrested by unknown assailants.

“We also condemn the acts of Uganda Police that have continuously brutalized our students.
The police have gone further to stop us from using our resources around the mighty University, Freedom Square inclusive.
On that note, therefore, we shall go on with our program (General Assembly) because it’s upon our mandate.” Read the communication from the office of the vice president of Guild.

Yesterday, the President of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had ordered that the military leave the premises of the university and questioned why the army was called to deal with a civilian matter.


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Makerere University Students Burn Former Guild's Property in Strike 4

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