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Bars in Uganda Taking Coronavirus Seriously

It is without a doubt that Uganda has a population that loves to party and have a great night, and in many incidences, Ugandans  start partying from as early as 5 pm till dawn.

Of course, someone is going to try and refute this but if you have been to Uganda, you know that this is true. They have the ability to party for a full week if given the opportunity as Nyege Nyege can testify.

With bars popping out of nowhere every single day, and now Coronavirus spreading faster than wildfire, different hangout places are being advised to put up health precautions for their clients.

Some hangout joints like La Venti in Najjera are said to have hand sanitizers that they have ensured every client uses before they enter the bar.

Bars in Uganda have started implementing hand sanitizers to help lower the risk of infection among clients

Bars in Uganda Taking Coronavirus Seriously - Newslibre
The Ministry of Uganda has emphasized washing hands as a way of preventing oneself from contracting coronavirus. (Image Credit: WASHMatters)

This is a massive step in the right direction seeing as Ugandans love to party and will be filled in bars from Monday to Sunday.

Ugandans are well known for filling up happening spots to drink their happiness away and usher in a new day of optimism so putting such measures will be helpful for the bar owners in ensuring that the clients can feel safe coming to their bars.

The positive part so far is that government after the advice from the Ministry of Health has stopped allowing citizens coming in from countries who have been heavily hit by Coronavirus, for example, China, Italy, France among others.

On Sunday, over 22 European diplomats who were to attend the EU-Uganda Summit in Kampala were asked to fly back after they failed to heed the government directive on self-quarantine for 14 days.

The Ministry of Health and Uganda have a great track record of managing infectious diseases and will be hoping to rely on such knowledge to ensure that the citizens of Uganda are protected from Coronavirus.

But for now, as you enter any bar, please be reminded to ask for hand sanitizers and if they don’t have, carry your own and most importantly, be sure to wash your hands and frequently as possible.


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