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Song Review: Zulitums Asks for One Minute

The Ugandan music scene has never been short of Jacks of all trades. At the moment, no one quite encapsulates that label like record producer and singer Zulitums.

Having risen to prominence as the chef behind various hits such as Boom Party, Anjagala, and Ayagala Tayagala, the Master Beats producer decided it was time to make a foray into singing and duly dropped two quick-fire singles, Tabu and Easy.

If anybody thought he would slow down after that, he or she couldn’t have thought more erroneously. Zulitums has now followed them up with One Minute, a fresh urban afro-beat song that incorporates a neo-afro-pop vibe with what is slowly becoming a trademark bouncy beat.

The 28-year-old sings about this girl who is his object of interest, asking that they do whatever it is he wants them to do in just one minute.

Zulitums has actually turned out to be more than decent a writer, and he continues to bolster his reputation in that regard, especially in the third verse where he rhymes effortlessly about his girl needing applause and deserving it of course.

All in all, One Minute is a catchy song that will do his profile as a creator of a different Ugandan music sound absolutely no harm at all. You can stream the song and all his content via different online platforms.

Watch One Minute video by Zulitums right here


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Song Review: Zulitums Asks for One Minute 1

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