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How to Save Money for a Major Cross-Country Move

It’s a thrilling and adventurous experience to move across the country. It can, however, be quite costly. Planning ahead of time is the key to lowering your moving expenditures. You may save a lot of money by putting your attention into packing and planning a few months ahead of time. Take a look at various options for saving money on your next move.

1. Consolidate your Shipments if Possible

If you combine moving truck space with other clients, you will save a lot of cash on your long-distance move, but you will have to live without your goods for a long time. The moving truck will make multiple stops to pick up or deliver other people’s cargo; therefore, the journey will take a bit longer, and you’ll have to wait a few weeks for your items to arrive.

However, if you’re moving to your new house with your car and therefore can bring all your belongings with you, this may not be an issue.

2. Plan Your Move Well in Advance

The sooner you start planning, the more chances you’ll have to seek bargains and discounts. It will help compare rates, look for discounts, and double-check anything before the actual day. Cross-country transfers can be costly, but you can effectively save money with a bit of forethought and preparation.

If you plan on shipping a large product such as a vehicle, you need to plan all logistics and clear any duties and taxes. Therefore, you need to prepare your car for shipping in advance for easy transportation. If you wait till the last minute to schedule your relocation, you may find yourself stuck with no one to assist you. So, to save additional worry and expenditure, begin planning as early as possible.

3. Rent a Portable Moving Container

You can have your local movers load up your moving container with your stuff, and then have it hauled to your new house whenever you are ready. Leasing a portable moving container is a better option than hiring full-service movers for various reasons.

It is less expensive to rent a portable moving container than to hire a logistics company. Furthermore, portable moving containers can be used as storage containers before and after moving. The cost will be based on the length of period you hire the container and its size. All you have to do to move using a moving container is load your boxes and things, and the container operator will sort out the rest.

4. Get Your Packing Materials

It could be nice to buy boxes and wrapping tape from a moving company because it is more convenient. Avoid doing this at all costs to your pocketbook. Once it comes to boxes, go to your local grocer and see if they have any free ones in the back.

Furthermore, nowadays, people order so many goods online that we receive boxes on our doorsteps nearly daily. Instead of discarding your boxes and packing materials, keep them. The same may be said for any newspapers you get in the mail.

How to Save Money for a Major Cross-Country Move - Newslibre
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5. Moving During the Off-Season

During the summer, the moving sector reaches its climax. During the summer, everybody is busy. Getting the truck can be challenging, and some agencies hike prices. Avoid all of the bothers by relocating from September and April. Because movers aren’t as busy during the off-season, moving costs are often lower.

There may be additional costs if you are required to wait for a moving van, depending on your move. You won’t have to worry about any of this during the off-season. All will run much more efficiently and at a lower cost.

6. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Getting rid of items you don’t need is one of the easiest methods to save costs on your relocation. Clothes, furniture, trinkets, and anything else you don’t use regularly fall into this category. You will save money on your move by getting rid of these goods, unloading, and establishing your new apartment much more accessible. Therefore, go through your stuff and donate whatever you don’t use in the last year or two.

These items can be sold online, during a garage sale, or donated to charity. Some charities will even collect your donations free, and you may be eligible for a tax benefit.


Moving should not be a time-consuming or financially draining experience. You can save a lot of money by packing your boxes or enlisting the help of friends and family instead of hiring someone else to do it for you.


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