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These 6 Packing Essentials Will Make Your Move Much Easier and Quicker

Getting ready to move to your new home can be one of the most daunting tasks you can ever tackle. It requires a lot of your physical and mental energy. However, you can make the experience a lot easier and find it fulfilling at the same time with proper prior preparation.

How to Prepare For the Move

The key to having a successful move is proper planning in advance. The last-minute rush makes moving frustrating for most people. You should start preparing for your move weeks before the actual moving date to avoid a bulk load of work at a go and help you organize better. Get the right packing supplies and research how to use them correctly for optimal functionality.

1. Get a notebook or create a moving folder on your computer

For an organized move, you should have a place to write down your checklist. You can either write it in a notebook or create a folder on your computer. It also helps you arrange your timeline and store your moving paperwork

2. Write down a moving checklist

Break down everything you need and the things you need to do into small manageable tasks. Spread them out in weekly increments for ease of tackling.

3. Take inventory of all your belongings

Make a list of all your belongings and estimate how much it will cost to move them. This information will be useful to your moving company.

4. Set your moving budget

Decide on the budget you want to spend for the entire moving process, including purchasing moving supplies and post-move repairs where required.

5. Buy appropriate packing supplies

Buy sufficient supplies like boxes, tapes, and bags to fit all your items. Get special packaging supplies for your fragile items.

6. Sort out your things, and dispose of what you don’t need

Go through your possessions and declutter to get rid of everything you don’t need to move with.

7. Pack in the right order

Pack everything you don’t frequently use first and progress slowly until you get to the last items of your documents. Pack similar items together.

8. Get a moving company to help you transport your belongings

Get a reliable moving company that will fit within your budget. Good movers should help load off your belongings from your old house and into your new one and arrange the basics for you.

6 Packing Essentials For a Smooth Move

These 6 Packing Essentials Will Make Your Move Much Easier and Quicker - Newslibre
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

1. Corrugated boxes and trash bags

Find different-sized corrugated cardboard boxes to organize your belongings, pack heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and the lighter ones on top. Trash bags are useful for lining the boxes carrying liquid items. Use Ziploc bags for small items like screws.

2. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is useful for wrapping breakable items like glassware. Use small bubble wrap for small items like glasses and the bigger wrap for the bigger items like artefacts. Wrap the items with the bubble side facing inwards for the best protection. Stack dishes on their edges, not lying flat.

3. Labels

Always pack similar items together, and label all boxes to avoid confusion when you get around to unpacking. You can either get stickers or a permanent marker to label your items.

4. Heavy-duty packing tape

You will need heavy-duty tapes to seal your boxes. Get good-quality tapes for stronger seals. You can also get a nice tape dispenser to make your work easier and save time. Use multiple strips of tape and start from about halfway from the top of the box.

5. Packing paper and moving Blankets

Use packing paper as a filler to keep items from shifting within boxes. You can also use it to wrap your dishes and glasses instead of bubble wrap since it’s much cheaper. Moving blankets are useful for padding furniture to prevent them from getting scratched.

6. Plastic wrap

Plastic stretch wrap is useful for wrapping drawers, so they don’t fly open during the move. You can also use it to cover utensils and make-up trays to keep your items intact. Also, use it to wrap delicate items and long loose items like brooms.

Wrapping Up

Moving does not have to be a hectic task. The smoothness of the entire process depends on how much effort you put into your packaging stage. If this stage is appropriately executed and you get professional movers, it should be a fulfilling process.


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