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Reasons Why Men Cheat

I don’t know if it is because women are more vocal about their problems than men, but it’s trending now about how men are all terrible and the paradox of understanding them or what they want.

Some times I wonder if they’ve tried them all but anyways most often girls ask themselves why are guys hurting them or their breaking hearts? The key question is, why do men cheat? Let’s find out.

1. Boredom and thrill. Some men are thrill seekers and are driven by excitement. Once a relationship ceases to be fun and interesting for them, the heart loses a life force for a moment.

So any glimmer of hope for a little adrenaline will be embraced with open arms, this doesn’t get any easier especially for those that work around tempting work mates and the occasional seductive bar tenders. Your man will compensate for the boredom with these girls. These are usually less focused men and will often cheat.

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2. Sex denial. No sex or limited sex opportunity any time soon from a spouse is almost related to the reason above. Some women get so busy or just claim not to be in the mood and deny their guys’ sex.

Sex is almost a man’s lifeblood honestly, deny him that then whoever gives it to him will steal him from right under your nose. Remember that a man’s libido is higher than a woman’s and they don’t control it as easily. So always remember this when launching your next Denial of Sex (DoS) Attack.

Reasons Why Men Cheat - Newslibre
Reasons Why Men Cheat – Newslibre (Image credit: Andrew Nolan –

3. Tired. Some times guys are just tired of the same old routine and monotony, they’re tired of their partners they see everyday, that same damn sex style.

I know this is wrong but it’s a reason and the cold truth so they go out there and succumb to temptation. They get attracted and do it for excitement. Most of the cheating here can be avoided if only the relationship has strong communication between both partners.

5. Harassment. Do you mistreat your man? Do you always blow for him, blame him for everything, take out your stress on him from home or when other people make you mad?

Well you shouldn’t be shocked when he feels unloved and abandoned and seeks comfort elsewhere.

5. Mistake. I know you’re going to take this with a grain of salt and many hate entertaining even the idea of this excuse but the truth is some times it’s really actually a mistake. Guy gets drunk, sees black and white gets laid, wakes up in regret but no one believes him.

6. Retribution/Anger. This is common on both sides, but sometimes men hurt like women do, they just don’t show it. So you cheat on him or hit on other men and get cuddly with them and he’ll do the same.

The girls will probably want him and before you know it the bombs have reached their destination. Call it revenge, anger or balancing the slate.

7. Weakness. Most men are weak to certain seductions; they can only resist so much. Yes, you should be scared of those hot secretaries, skimpy dressed girls charming their way to your men, those girls sending him goodnight texts, selfish and bible verses.

The day you make him mad, is the day they become the comfort hug and the den to hide out and before you know it its too late.

The reasons above may not apply to all relationship situations and men. Some men are different and some have obscure fascinating reasons for what they do, these are rare cases though.

So sometimes you’ll have to base on your judgment. If you’ve any specific suggestions or questions, please drop them in the comments and we will try to jump into the discussion.

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