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Everyday Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Indoor plumbing is a marvel of modern technology, and it’s most reliable when used only for its intended purposes. Even if your toilet has plenty of flushing power, avoid the temptation to use it as an aquatic wastebasket! Avoid flushing these everyday items down your toilet to prevent inconvenient clogs and save money on annoying repairs.

“Flushable” Wipes

Even if the ad copy on your pack of baby wipes advertises them as flushable, don’t take them at their word. It’s a common home plumbing myth that you can flush wet wipes; the truth is that they’re notorious for clogging sewer lines. Makeup removal wipes, baby wipes, and personal cleansing cloths belong in your wastebasket after you’ve used them.


Got any prescriptions lying around that you don’t use anymore? Think carefully before disposing of them in your toilet, as those pills will dissolve into the water supply and pollute it. Many U.S. cities have designated drop-off sites where you can dispose of unwanted medications without contaminating your local waterway.

If you don’t have a drop-off site near you, crush up your unused meds and mix them with kitty litter or used coffee grounds. Seal the mixture in a plastic bag and carefully throw it away.

Menstrual Hygiene Products

Items intended for menstrual use, like pads, liners, and tampons, will absorb as much liquid as possible without disintegrating. This feature makes them great for that time of the month but terrible news for your plumbing if you flush them. Dispose of used menstrual products in a closed wastebasket instead.

Contact Lenses

Your daily or monthly contact lenses are relatively small; what harm could they possibly do to your plumbing? Those little lenses contain plastic. When enough people flush their lenses, thinking it’s not a big deal, those plastics accumulate in the sewers and leach toxic chemicals into the water supply. Luckily, disposing of lenses in the trash instead of the toilet only takes an extra second or two.


If you clean your toilet regularly, good on you! Just read the labels on any cleaning products you use to ensure you’re not dumping bleach down your toilet. Both straight bleach and cleaning formulas that contain it are highly corrosive to your pipes and can wreak havoc on your septic system. When you shop for cleaning supplies, look for bleach-free formulas specifically designed for toilet use.

Maintain the integrity of your toilet and prevent smelly, unsightly clogs by using your bathroom only for its intended purpose. Never flush these everyday items down your toilet; dispose of them safely in the trash instead!


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