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Is Feminism Sexist?

Hello, World! Despite good intentions, your recent talk on feminism has shown just how far from woke you really are.

Before I go any further, let’s start by some much-needed definitions:  Feminism refers to the belief that women and men should have equal opportunities in the social, political and economic space.

Sexism, on the other hand, is a belief in traditional gender role stereotypes and in the inherent inequality between men and women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

It is important to note that feminism exists in various forms, namely;

  1. Multicultural feminism – the movement emphasizes that black women are born with 3 strikes, so to speak. On top of their gender, they are also oppressed because of their race and class.


  1. Liberal feminism – this other arm of the feminist movement believes that the equality of women can be achieved within our existing society by passing laws and reforming social, economic, and political institutions.


  1. Socialist feminism – this one blames capitalism for women’s inequality and says that true gender equality can result only if fundamental changes in social institutions are achieved.


  1. Radical feminism says that male domination lies at the root of women’s oppression.

So much social good has been achieved by women’s movements in contemporary society. I can’t over-emphasize that. So much has been written about that and you can look it up.

That said, is feminism starting to discriminate against men? A thousand times YES! The main reason for this, in my opinion, is it promotes a discourse which excludes men and the inequalities they face.

The current conversations around feminism have created what I call the Good / Bad Binary – all good women, all bad men.  If you think about it, nothing could be further from the truth. Not all women are good, and not all men are bad.

In policy papers, feminism focuses on inequalities that predominantly affect women and thus overlooking men. Now that times have moved on, I believe we must come up with policies that address gender inequality faced by all.

As a relatively young, professional black man, I don’t see any differences between myself and my female colleagues. We are equal. I don’t think I am inherently better than anyone.

The law in most of the civilized world recognises women’s rights and in that sense, no one is operating from a place of weakness.

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