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5 Amazing Gadgets That Can Help You Save You Money In The Long Term

These days, you can find gadgets for almost all purposes. So naturally, there are plenty of neat devices you can use to save money and stay on your budget. These helpful devices help you pinch cents where you probably didn’t even know you’re losing money daily

Who wouldn’t like to make some money at the end of the year? The holiday season is coming, and we all need extra cash for the presents, decorations, Christmas food, etc. To cover the expenses, some of us might put in extra work hours. Others consider getting a little side-job. And the ones who feel lucky try their hand at mobile casinos.

But let’s not forget, we can all have extra dollars to spend by getting better at saving them. There are some pretty neat gadgets out there that make the task easy for everyone. Sure, these devices might cost some cash upfront, but they’re bound to make it back soon. And the best part is that they also make for excellent gift ideas.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our top selection of gadgets that can save you money and bring some extra joy to your holidays. Here we go.

Save Money With These Top 5 Gadgets

1. Use the Power Strips To Save Money on Electricity

The best way to save money is to cut off the expenses you didn’t even know you had. For example, did you know that our devices consume a copious amount of so-called phantom electricity? It’s an energy loss that occurs simply from an appliance staying plugged in. But it would be unimaginable to start unplugging the cord for all your machinery every day.

5 Amazing Gadgets That Can Help You Save You Money - Newslibre
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Luckily, the “smart” power strips offer a more convenient solution. These gadgets, usually priced around $30, have several outlets for plugging in various home utensils. And whenever you turn the power off, the strip also cuts off the phantom charge. In an average household, you can expect to save about $15 a month with this helpful gizmo.

2. Outdoor Lighting Using Solar Power

Learning how to save money and budget from your power costs is a great way to contribute to environmental protection. And you can get started with a LED solar panel to light your outdoors for only about $15. And the cool thing about the solar panels is that they actually make the best yard lights. They create a mellow atmosphere with their soft gleam, which feels much cosier than the light from regular lamps.

Now, let’s be upfront: you won’t save hundreds of dollars a month with one or two solar panels. It will take you about six months to break even the cost of one LED panel. But think of it this way: after half a year, you’ll illuminate your patio for free. The panels will recharge themselves during sunlight hours to provide enough light for the night.

3. Change Your Shower Head

Here’s another method on how to save money without an extra job: use less water while showering. The thing is that most of us have showerheads that have a flow rate of over 2 gallons in one minute. Some older models even release as much as 5 gallons of water per minute.

That’s way more than you really need to wash. So opting for a $20 low-flow showerhead can reduce your water consumption by more than a half. And let’s not forget: you’ll also save the energy that would heat the excess water.

5 Amazing Gadgets That Can Help You Save You Money - Newslibre
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5. Cable Protector Keeps Your Power Cord Intact for Years

Even the best quality power cords eventually start to tear up at the connector ends. And, unfortunately, you can’t repair them with tape. Once the cable is so frayed it stops working, there’s nothing more to do than buy a new one. But regardless of your device, getting a new charger every few months will not be cheap.

So here’s how to save money like a pro in this situation: prolong the life of your existing cord by getting a cable protector. It’s a plastic coil that winds around the ends of your power cord and keeps it from twisting and tearing. And the best part is that you can get these little gadgets in many fun colours for only about $5 a pack.

5. Apps That Compare Prices

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. But what are the apps to save money? The ones that compare prices, for example, can save you plenty of dollars pretty quickly. Most shops try to lure customers into buying by advertising their offers as the best ones in the city.

5 Amazing Gadgets That Can Help You Save You Money - Newslibre
Photo by Christian Wiediger/Unsplash

However, that’s not always true. The same items might sell even cheaper somewhere online. And with free mobile apps like ShopSavvy and Red Laser, you can scan a barcode and get immediate information on where the best prices are. You can save hundreds of dollars during a busy holiday season with these apps.

In Summary

Is it a good time to save money right now? Yes, it is. With the holiday season almost here, additional cash will help to bring some extra magic to your festivities. And with the gadgets in this article, saving dollars has never been so easy.

Even if you’ve got enough to cover for the upcoming months and are looking for ways on how to save money and invest, these tools will help you do that. They’ll save you energy, water, expensive computer supplies, and make sure you always get your items at the best price. So try the gadgets out. It’s your money, and you deserve to get the best out of it.

How to save money effectively, in your opinion? Do you use any helpful gadgets we missed in the article? Share your tips and tricks below.


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