SERIES REVIEW: EMPIRE Season 4 Premiere –

Series Review: Empire Season 4 Premiere

Season 1 of EMPIRE was great. Pure genius in fact. A TV series about the kind of music we love, the kind of music our parents often ask, “What rubbish do you listen to these days?”

We loved it because it gave us music and musicians that were just as talented as the roles they were cast in.

It ended on a high note, ratings over the roof and high anticipation for the next season visible online.

SERIES REVIEW: EMPIRE Season 4 Premiere –
Less music, more drama, but okay, we still supported it anyway.

Season 2 dropped, and we noticed a shift in the story. Less music, more drama, but okay, we still supported it anyway.

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Season 3 dropped. Hardly any music, lots of questionable and clearly avoidable drama and this time, we started to get bored. We saw a show we loved for music turn into a “Real Husbands and wives and sons” sort of show. We hated it, but still watched it.

The audience however started to shift as the buzz had it that “POWER” another black show, was a much better put together plot. EMPIRE with season 3 became a very irritating experience and the frustration from watching it led to many abandoning the season half way.

SERIES REVIEW: EMPIRE Season 4 Premiere –
Watching the season premiere last night was so upsetting

It still did well and was renewed for Season 4 which premiered a couple of many hours ago. And I watched it. What do I think? It’s absolute garbage.

There is a visible hole in the plot as we witness the Lyon family fight over money and power. For a show that occasionally remembers that it’s about a family sticking together and raising above the drama, they sure often forget about that. In the middle of unnecessary drama, they dump a scenario upon us that unites the family. EMPIRE is now like a bipolar girlfriend, with a mental disorder and an occasionally bad temper.

For God’s sake, how do you pretend it’s all good and we are family now, when someone had a gun to your head a few seconds ago? That’s the sort of unintelligent plot twists we are dealing with since last season.

The writers of this show have walked so far down the wrong path, turning back at this point seems like an impossible mission.

SERIES REVIEW: EMPIRE Season 4 Premiere –
we can do without the drama and still have a great show about music and family

They have totally deviated from what the show was about, they are catering for a whole different audience now. An audience that loves reality shows and occasionally indulges in neighborhood gossip. The audience they started with, the people that were there for the music, we are stuck with played out flows stolen from Drake and incorporated with a bit of Rich Hommie Quan.

Watching the season premiere last night was so upsetting, as it presented major flaws in the plot. They try to bring out greed, selfishness, thirst for revenge and they do such a horrible job at portraying all this.

It is literally the only show that has drama that’s completely unneeded. All the drama EMPIRE presents at this point is drama we can do without and have a great show about music and family.

They are off to a horrible start, let’s see how they catch up or lose it.


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