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These Popular Movie Posters Will Make You to Stay at Home

Has cabin fever taken hold? You’ve followed the guidelines so far. A small gathering in the garden wouldn’t hurt, would it? Stop right there!

Thinking about bending the rules is only natural, but social distancing and mask-wearing need to be taken super seriously. Stay at home with a good film instead.

To help drive the message home, Dopa Solutions have re-imagined five popular movie posters for the age of Coronavirus. Dopa deals with serious topics like the fear of going outside, anxiety, and the fear of public speaking, and each movie poster has been designed with these topics in mind.

Movie posters designed by Dopa Solutions help re-imagine the age of coronavirus anxiety

Dopa Solutions came up with these creative poster designs as alternative movie PSAs to help push public safety messages during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company strongly believes that the guidelines for staying home, social distancing, and wearing masks in public need to be taken seriously.

All of the posters are based on psychological dramas or thriller movies, which are covered extensively on their website. Although these are troubling times, the company tried to make the images fun but with a serious message.

The company also has more updated info about claustrophobia, agoraphobia, fear of crowds, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), including information and advice on how to deal with self-isolation and anxiety due to COVID-19.

Each of the posters has a theme that they represent, with a message behind it.

Check out the movie posters below.

The Jaws poster represents fear of crowds, animal phobias, and fear of open water while the Joker one focuses on psychological trauma, delusion.


The Black Sawn poster represents agoraphobia and OCD. The King’s Speech poster theme is all about the fear of public speaking.

The Usual Suspects poster symbolizes psychopathic behaviour vs. being conscientious of public safety.

Movie Posters to Make You Stay At Home - Newslibre
The Usual Suspects: psychopathic behaviour vs. being conscientious of public safety.

The coronavirus has affected over 211 countries and territories around the world, and 2 international conveyances. The number of infected cases is estimated at 3,248,042 as of now with 229,313 recorded deaths, and 1,016,978 of those considered to have recovered from the virus.

Uganda alone has confirmed 81 infections so far with no deaths reported yet and with 52 recoveries. A breakdown of this statistic includes 53 Ugandans, one Canadian, one Indian resident, two Chinese, two Burundian, nine Kenyans, and 13 Tanzanians.

About 15,000 people have been tested in Uganda and were found to be negative of coronavirus. It’s important that we do our level best to follow the quarantine guidelines so that we can protect not only ourselves but our loved ones from getting infected with the coronavirus. Remember to always wash your hands too with soap.

Which of the posters above did you find more appealing to you? Let us know through the comments section.





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These Popular Movie Posters Will Make You to Stay at Home 1

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