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5 Efficient Ways to Wash Your Vehicle on a Road Trip

Being on the road is exciting but can also be a little frustrating, especially if you like to keep your car clean. Driving through dust storms, mud roads, and who knows what else is going to start making your car look pretty bad, especially when you can’t wash your car easily. The following are five efficient ways to clean your vehicle while you’re on the road.

1. An Establishment

This is the easiest thing you can do. If you don’t mind driving for a while before you wash your vehicle, this is a good solution. You’ll have to stop in major cities or towns along the way so that you can find car and vehicle washing companies.

The problem is that you won’t have many options since you’re just passing by. When you live in an area, it’s easier to research and compare places, but that’s more challenging when you’re on the road. What you can do is hope for the best. Do some research, and make sure you hit the towns or cities with these sorts of companies along the way.

2. Pressure Washing

The next best way to wash your vehicle on the road is to do it yourself, though that comes with obvious obstacles. It takes some time to wash your vehicle, which is going to feel even worse when you’re on the road. This is the reason you should consider using a pressure washer and a foam cannon to help you loosen up any dirt or grime.

The pressure washer should make it easy to rinse your vehicle once the foam is done doing its job. That’s all you have to do before drying your vehicle unless you’re thinking of air drying, but you know that won’t look so great. Pressure washers cut the job considerably; you don’t have to do much hard labour in the burning sun, and you can be on the road quicker than you imagine.

3. Traveling Washers

People often forget that some folks travel to you to wash your vehicle. Of course, these folks aren’t everywhere, but they are around. They can be quite helpful, especially when you’re too tired to do the work for yourself.

You’ll have to do some research and find out where these folks are and how far they’re willing to travel. You might be able to set up a date or schedule your wash beforehand; some of these companies offer that, but that’s not always the case. Most of the time, these types of businesses spring up in larger cities or towns.

4. Smart Parking

5 Efficient Ways to Wash Your Vehicle on a Road Trip - Newslibre
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It’s important to worry about where you’re going to park. Some locations offer access to water, which is the biggest concern when washing a vehicle on the road. Other locations don’t have water for you to use, and that’s a problem. Try to plan your stops accordingly so that you’re able to wash your vehicle during your road trip.

You should also make sure the places you park in allow you to wash your vehicle. Sometimes, that task is explicitly prohibited and won’t be good for you. If you plan your stops around these sorts of locations, cleaning won’t be much of a chore for you. These places aren’t too common; try to keep that in mind. You are going to have to accept that you won’t be able to wash your vehicle sometimes.

5. Waterless Washing

As mentioned earlier, sometimes, you won’t have access to water. This could happen a lot during a road trip, which makes it vital that you learn how to wash your vehicle without any water. Waterless car cleaning solutions are out there, and you should purchase these cleaners when you can. You will need good microfiber towels to get the job done.

Keep in mind that when using these sorts of cleaners, it’s best to start at the top of the vehicle and move on to the rest. It should be pointed out that waterless cleaners aren’t perfect, so don’t expect a perfect cleaning, but it’ll look like your vehicle is relatively clean when you’re done. This solution is good enough when you’ve got no other way to wash, and it’s efficient since you don’t have to worry about drying.

Now, you know how to get your vehicle clean while you’re on the road. It’s clear that washing your vehicle while you’re travelling isn’t easy but, at least it’s not impossible.


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