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Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Solar Panels at Home

Installing solar panels should be exciting because it will substantially change your home and daily life. From the energy efficiency of solar to the reliability of off-the-grid systems, homeowners turn to this project for many reasons.

Thus, it’s best to avoid some simple mistakes during your project, ensuring you can get the experience you want from the system. Read below to find the crucial mistakes to avoid when installing solar panels at home.

Not Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Although this tip is for a post-installation process, it’s important to know this information before the project so you can plan accordingly. One of the most helpful preventative maintenance tips for residential solar panels is to clean them regularly. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean you’ll have to take time to wipe down your home’s panels every weekend.

Instead, contact your solar experts to talk about routine cleaning to remove any debris limiting your panel’s ability to absorb sunlight. The frequency of panel cleaning will vary depending on the area, but it typically ranges from once a year to three times. Thanks to the experts, you don’t have to climb on your roof and scrub the panels yourself.

Not Exploring Multiple Installers

One of the top mistakes to avoid when installing solar panels at home is not exploring your options. More specifically, once you find a handful of reputable solar installers, take a look at their quotes and compare prices.

This is a straightforward step to help you avoid overpaying, ensuring you have the best value in your area. Of course, this isn’t the only detail to consider about a solar company, but it’s easy to overlook when you’re sifting through reviews, previous work, and other essential information.

Not Considering a Solar Battery

Solar batteries are off-grid storage devices for residential systems. These batteries store excess energy throughout the day, providing a way to use clean electricity 24/7. Solar batteries are ideal for homeowners who want off-grid solar systems, as well as anyone who wants to have access to electricity during emergencies.

If the power goes out in your area, a personal solar battery will help you keep the house up and running. This allows homeowners to remain safe and comfortable during emergencies, and it comes in handy for commercial systems. A reliable battery can help solar-powered businesses experience uninterrupted power, ensuring blackouts don’t cause unwanted downtime.

You don’t need a solar battery for the panels to function. That said, knowing that the option is there is an excellent way to further personalize your system if the benefits of batteries sound like a good match for your lifestyle and preferences.


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