First Car: Performance or Point A to Point B? –

First Car: Performance or Point A to Point B?

It’s about time I got my first official set of wheels. I’m throwing around ideas of what would be a viable reasonable choice for ‘my first’ car. Thus I’m talking about it a lot with my friends and as much as I pretend to be seeking their opinions, my mind is pretty much made up already.

Am just looking for more people I can convince to agree with me as I justify my choice.

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There are two types of first car buyers; those that buy something to get them from point A to B (that’s the majority) and those that go for a great first car i.e. performance.

First Car: Performance or Point A to Point B? 1
Point A to Point B: 1995 Toyota Corolla DX (Kikumi)

Point A to Point B; the sort of people that buy their first cars for this reason are the sort of people that will eat fries without tomato sauce. They will not stress the waiter with the specifics of how they want their fries, all they want is to cure their hunger. Basically, as long as it serves the purpose, why bother with the minor details.

Performance; these are the people that know how to order their fries. Long and crispy, with ketchup, a bit of mayonnaise on the side, some salad too but no onions, just a sprinkle of salt and please serve them hot.

First Car: Performance or Point A to Point B? –
Performance: 2005 BMW M3 Coupe

I am all about performance. Which is essentially hard to justify as performance cars cost more to buy and even more to maintain. As I scout for people selling the sort of cars I’d buy, I have been astounded at how cheaply they are being sold. This is good news for me.

But this could mean that either the cars have some really expensive mechanical problems or the owners realized maintenance was tearing a hole in their budgets or they have urgent problems and they need any amount of money they can get from them.

Apart from one selling because the car has an expensive problem, it’s really none of my business why the owner is selling. All am looking for is a performance car at a steal.

First Car: Performance or Point A to Point B? –
Always budget for that initial service and repair

For someone looking for performance, my eye is looking at German; GTs from Volkswagen, Motorsport BMWs or a Kompressor from Mercedes and perhaps even Audi. Fancy, right! Hold up! This however means I can’t afford to look at an import since am looking for a “reasonable” price. Hence, I have to draw a stingy budget and scout for a second hand seller I can squeeze to fit into my budget. That budget must also include about $500 for initial service and repairs upon purchase.

Consumer Advise; All second hand car buyers need to always budget for that initial service and repair. It gives you more control and visibility of your “new” car’s performance. Plus most importantly for true car lovers, it allows you to customize a few things i.e. radio, sit colors, exhaust pipe noise, window tint (I like my cars without tint), rims etc…

To justify performance over point A to point B; I acknowledge that even at a reasonable buying price, maintaining my chosen German car will be quite a burden, which I happily accept. For the moments my car will be in great shape and able to take me from point A to point B, I’ll relish every second of that experience.

I am not complaining as a commuter and it is in a way more convenient and a lot cheaper than driving yourself, so whenever my car is unwell, I’ll restore to factory settings (taxi and bodaboda.)

First Car: Performance or Point A to Point B? –
I’ll restore to factory settings (taxi and bodaboda.)

When you have a great performance car, every moment of driving that car is so much more than just driving to work or the supermarket. The true pleasure of driving comes from driving a great car. And that’s a feeling I want every day. That’s a feeling you should want too.

Enough power, speed, luxury interior, safety features and beauty in a car, are what you stand to enjoy with a performance first car. Define the standard, define the experience and grow from there. And as unreasonable and idiotic as it sounds, I’d rather have 3 days a week of driving a great car, than an everyday drive of a mediocre car.

First Car: Performance or Point A to Point B? 2

Author: Ian Paul Byamugisha

Ian Paul Byamugisha is a writer/author/novelist and car journalist. As a writer for Newslibre, he writes car reviews, cars news, tech news and anything that one might find interesting to read. Currently working on a spy novel collection titled “Arthur Vintage.”


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  1. A little bit of both is considerable when buying a car. Something that can get you from point a and B but at the same time it’s thrilling and performs beautifully.

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