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How to Make Any Friendship Work

Friendship is a very vital aspect in everyone’s life. It’s one of the major pillars we must not ignore to go through the day. We make new friends as time goes by, some stick around while others don’t.

We meet different people from different walks of life but we must understand that not everyone will agree with the way you live your life. No man is an island, we all need friends.  For those you choose to keep, here is how you should make it work;

Friendship is a very vital aspect in everyone’s life. It’s one of the major pillars we must not ignore to go through the day.

How to Make Any Friendship Work - Newslibre
How to Make Any Friendship Work – Newslibre. Photo by Gianne Karla Tolentino (

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1. Support each other.

This is the best thing you will ever do for anyone you call a friend. It’s the backbone of every standing relationship. Forget for a minute the days you go out to have fun or the road trips you take as friends.

This has so much to do with emotional, physical, financial and spiritual support. Knowing that you can talk to someone and they bequeath the best advice is as comforting as it can get. A friend, that has the means to, should be able to bail you out when your financial boat sinks. Better still, take your hand as you trek your spiritual journey.

2. Be the listening ear.

At the end of the day, I might need to unwind. Keeping so much toxic waste to ourselves is very dangerous. Sometimes we put the weight on the people around us unknowingly.

This should not be happening if we let some things off our chest. Friends are the best people to help you with this. But it’s also important to note that, you shouldn’t load baggage onto your listening ear. Some things are better left unsaid.

This person might break down any day and you will not like having your own garbage used against you. Only let out that which you think is enough to have you carry on.

3. Correct them; don’t blow their candle.

Like the adage goes “no one is perfect”. We are mortal beings that are prone to so many bad decisions and mistakes in life. It feels so much better if when someone makes a grave error, there is someone willing to correct them.

It takes nothing from anyone to correct a friend and show them how things are done than to negatively criticize them. It does not build any friendship but rather break its plate.

This is probably one of the reasons she is no longer friends with her ex-friend, she does not need such negativity if this is to work.

4. Do not speak ill of the people they love.

They  might not be your kind of guy but hey! Your friend made a personal decision. Remember what I said about supporting each other? It will mostly help here.

If they are  ragged and you like neat, you have no option but to like them  too for the sake of your friendship. Her dad might be a drunkard and he probably disgusts you but you do not have to throw in any words when she decides to spew venom about her dad.

Do not contribute!! However much she hates him, your words will always re-echo in her head most especially after she reconciles with her dad. It might seem trivial but such little things destroy the greatest of friendships. You will be surprised.

5. Call each other up.

Pick your phone up and make that call. Do not wait for when you might need  their help. This time might not come soon enough; will that mean you will never call till then?!  

Some people might say you take the friendship thing too seriously, until that is said you might have to do more than you think. You do not have to be all over them; just calling someone to check on them every once in awhile means a lot. Such small things really count in keeping the friendship going.

6. Visit each other.

You do not have to wait for your friend to fall sick for you to visit them. That is more of a guilt induced visit. Let this always come from your heart.

Love your friend like you would love your brother/sister. Sometimes you may never know what your friend is going through and you might need to catch up. This is the perfect time and place to catch up from. Go take that bath and take the stroll to his home. You will thank me later.

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