Echodu’s Mind: The Altezza is Like A Cave 1

Echodu’s Mind: The Altezza is Like A Cave

So many youths enjoy driving the Altezza and believe me that car is a beast on the road. Its fast, and firm on the ground. You know the relation between short people and speed? Well it’s simple, they have center of gravity. So, when you look at the Altezza, it has that center of gravity.

Anyway, I don’t own an Altezza but Ian was gracious enough to drive me around in that car as we were looking for chicken to cook before watching Formula One.

At first, I was just enjoying the comfort that comes with it. I mean you sit and all of a sudden you forget that you haven’t paid for the rolex you ate the last two weeks because you were broke. Am not saying that I don’t pay my rolex guy, I do! I however worry about some people.

Ian certainly doesn’t know how to cook, thankfully I can make one mean meal. We went and bought the chicken.

On our way back, I started feeling the Altezza even more. As I sat back, I felt myself going deep in like I was bout to disappear into the cave.

Echodu’s Mind: The Altezza is Like A Cave 2
The Alteza has quickly become the go to car for most youth who love speed.

The seats felt more accommodative like they were designed to hold you in that one position and once the seat belt is added on, I felt safer than I was in my previous relationship.

Here is the best part, when the driver engages great speed, you feel yourself entering the cave. You literally feel your body and soul entering the seat and the entire world just raving past you! That moment is so sumptuous.

When full speed is engaged, you can feel the car go lower. I think this is to allow the car to be more than stable so as to contain the huge amounts of horse power that it executes.

Echodu’s Mind: The Altezza is Like A Cave 3
When you look at those seats, you can clearly see that you sink in, like as if you have been pushed down a cave.

I was so much at peace with the car that even the corners were not felt. Now please don’t go around driving like a lunatic on roads with potholes and humps, you will feel that ache go from your a$$ to the back of your head.

Arriving back home, I was so comfortable and an hour later, the food arrives but am more focused on Vettel who seems to be enjoying the aspect of constantly dropping points to allow a certain Lewis Hamilton to take the championship to Mercedes.

Echodu’s Mind: The Altezza is Like A Cave 4
The Toyota Alteza has that low center of gravity that allows it to be firm on the ground when its on high speed, making it fit for fast rides.

After screaming all sorts of instructions to Vettel and the Ferrari team, we finally lost the game to Red Bull with Daniel Ricciardo putting up a masterful performance. I was happy we hadn’t lost to Hamilton till I remembered that the food had arrived and it wasn’t me that had prepared it.

I took a bite and I can say that in 15 minutes I was done with the meal. The guy actually knows how to make good chicken and rice.

It is going to be my life’s mission to have an Altezza in the parking lot so that I can always drift away and feel myself hiding in the seat caves.

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Echodu’s Mind: The Altezza is Like A Cave 5

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