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The Top 5 Reasons Behind Having a Favourite Sports Team

Sports have always been an important part of people’s lives as it provides a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and for fans to be entertained. It seems for fans, however, it’s more than just entertainment, it’s a passion. And for athletes, it’s not just their livelihood but almost an addiction.

It’s not only the joy of rooting for a winning team but also the emotional investment that comes with fandom. Sports teams have a way of capturing the hearts and minds of their fans. So how do you think people choose their favourite teams? Keep on reading to find out.

Benefits of Watching Sports


While watching a sports game, fans often enjoy the thrill of watching a game, rooting for their favourite team or player, and experiencing the highs and lows of the competition. The wins or the losses are part of the adrenaline rush!


If you watch sports too much, you might lose a social connection with people around you. But it doesn’t have to be true if the people around you are just as indulged as you are! Watching sports in a group setting, whether at a stadium or in someone’s living room, can create a sense of camaraderie and community.

Mental Wellness

It may sound shocking, but watching sports has potential mental and emotional benefits. Watching sports can also teach about teamwork, perseverance, and other positive values that can be applied to one’s life.

Additionally, for people who struggle with anxiety or depression, watching sports can be a way to lift their moods and distract them from negative thoughts.

The Top 5 Reasons Behind Having a Favorite Sports Team


Fans often choose their favourite teams based on their players’ athletic abilities. The strongest member is usually the most valuable within the team and usually has the most fans. However, team talent isn’t just derived from physical abilities. Fans also choose their teams based on how a team can get out of a difficult situation strategically.


Another way fans choose their favourite teams is their ability to work together. Fans can’t follow a team that has disagreements, fallouts, and conflicts that eventually impact their overall performance in a sport. But if they come out of the conflict with resilience, that makes them more likeable.


Suppose you have a team captain from a certain country. Suppose the whole team represents and plays for your country! People tend to support teams from their hometown or state or a team representing a place with personal meaning to them.


Another common reason for choosing a favourite sports team is familial or social ties. If a person grows up in a household where a particular team is supported, they may naturally become a fan. Similarly, if a close friend or family member supports a team, it could influence a person’s choice.

Team Wins

It may sound easy, but people are often drawn to successful teams. If a team is always winning, it’s found to attract more fans!

Challenges with Having a Favorite Sports Team

The Top 5 Reasons Behind Having a Favourite Sports Team - Newslibre
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Emotional and Financial Investment

Fans are very emotionally invested in a team’s performance. But of course, unless a team is a great monopoly, it doesn’t always win. If the players hurt themselves, that’s another emotional toll on you.

But it’s not just an emotional investment you need to worry about. Many fans also bet on many teams and players and make predictions. So, when a team loses, it’s not just disappointment but stress about losing money.

Time and Commitment

Following matches continuously can require a lot of effort on your part. Suppose the matches happen all around the world. It means you must get used to the different time zones and ensure you are available when the time starts.

If you’re a diehard fan who must watch all the sessions live, it’s too much time and financial commitment. With your passion for the sport and work, you might not get much time for social interaction.


Yes, there are often rivalries between sports teams. However, fan rivalries have the potential to get even more intense. Sometimes, at stadiums during live matches, audience members can become triggered and even violent if the match doesn’t align with their hopes. For instance, defeated basketball fans may lash out online by spreading new Lakers rumors or even get physical with rival fans outside the arena.


Being a dedicated fan comes with challenges, but these challenges are overshadowed by pride when your favourite team wins. Ultimately, being a fan is a personal choice, and the rewards and challenges of fandom are unique to each and every individual.


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