LeBron Suffers Defeat in NBA Final 1

LeBron Suffers Defeat in NBA Final

Cleveland Cavaliers came into the NBA finals after fading off fierce and youthful rivals Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference thanks to LeBron James’ masterclass performances.

King James as he is commonly known averaged over 40 points in each game to ensure that the Cavaliers made it to their 4th straight final of the NBA and hist 8th final of what has been a legendary career.

The Golden State Warriors having fought off a rather tricky Houston Rockets in game 7 set a date against LeBron’s side and for many, the Warriors were expected to win this series.

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LeBron Suffers Defeat in NBA Final 2
LeBron James in utter shock as JR Smih drives out the GSW D while the game was tied at 107. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Coming into this final, the fear for many of the neutrals was that as the Warriors have a great roster, the Cavs have LeBron James and Kevin Love with most of the support cast not good enough. And in the first game, it was evident that LeBron James was the player who was putting himself out there to get the job done.

James scored 51 points a record high in the NBA finals that saw the Cavaliers and the Warriors take the game to overtime after both teams finished normal time with 107 points a piece.

LeBron Suffers Defeat in NBA Final | Newslibre
LeBron James screaming at JR Smith to go for the basket. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

What was interesting though was that as the game was tied on 107 points, JR Smith of the Cavaliers had an opportunity to win the game for them had he converted the rebound. However, Smith chose to dribble out of the D and you could see a vividly angry LeBron James.

With the game tied at 107 points a piece, the game was forced to go into overtime and this gave Warriors who have  a better support cast to win the game by 124 points to Cavaliers 114 points.

LeBron Suffers Defeat in NBA Final | Newslibre
James answering the press after what was a bad night. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

After the game, LeBron had to face the press and this ended not as some people had thought it would as the best player in the NBA seemed to be coy towards some questions and not impressed with some that were being passed on to him.

LeBron Suffers Defeat in NBA Final 3

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