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2022 NFL Coaches Who Are in the Hot Seat

Many say that the NFL stands for “not for long,” referring to the patience owners and general managers have when things are going off the rails. These 2022 NFL coaches in the hot seat are trying not to derail, allowing them to stick around in 2023.

Matt Rhule – Carolina Panthers

Rarely does the most coveted college coach make noise in the NFL. And Matt Rhule of the Carolina Panthers is proving that theory correct again. Unfortunately for Rhule, he hasn’t had a competent quarterback in his tenure.

In theory, acquiring the disgruntled Baker Mayfield from the Browns will be an upgrade over Sam Darnold. However, that’s the equivalent of trading in a lemon for another lemon. At a 10-23 lifetime record, Rhule will have a short leash if the team starts slow.

Frank Reich – Indianapolis Colts

Reich’s 37-28 record indicates that he hasn’t been a failure for the Indianapolis Colts. However, with the way the Colts finished 2021, Reich’s seat is warm. The Colts failed to make the playoffs, losing their last two games against the Raiders and the hapless Jaguars.

Owner Jim Irsay has the reputation of having a quick temper. If Reich and the Colts fail to capitalize on playing in the worst division in the league, he may be out the door, especially if they drop an early regular-season contest again at Jacksonville. Colts haven’t won in Jacksonville since 2014, so remember that tidbit for your pick ‘em pools.

Pete Carroll – Seattle Seahawks

Carroll isn’t so much in the hot seat, but more that he’s ageing and the Seahawks are heading in a different direction. With Russell Wilson now in Denver, the Seahawks are beginning to rebuild the team. It doesn’t make much sense for a coach in his 70s to stick around for a long rebuild.

Carroll will likely finish the season and resign quietly during NFL’s “Black Monday,” which is the Monday after the season when all the coaches receive their pink slips. It’s highly unlikely that he makes it past that.

Mike McCarthy – Dallas Cowboys

Even if Mike McCarthy didn’t make some questionable decisions that bounced the Dallas Cowboys out of the first round of the playoffs last season, he’d still feel the burn on his rear end. Jerry Jones has an infatuation with former New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.

The key word in that previous sentence is “former,” meaning Payton is available for the right price. Anything short of a Super Bowl championship will make Jones ax McCarthy and bring in Payton for a bundle.

Knowing that these NFL coaches are in the hot seat for 2022 shows these teams’ urgency for early success. Otherwise, these men won’t don the headset through Thanksgiving.


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