Skype Adds Real-time Code Editor Feature 1

Skype Adds Real-time Code Editor Feature

Skype recently upped its game with its new real-time coder editor feature to make interviews more interactive and interesting.

Microsoft has been testing and previewing the new functionality for its Skype communications tool for a while now. The added feature allows employers to conduct technical/coding interviews with candidates without having to switch different apps.

“Have you ever had a remote technical screening where you have to code and talk at the same time?” the Skype team asked in a recent post.

“If yes, then you know how cumbersome the process can be. You have two different apps running — the call and a code editor — and you constantly have to switch back and forth between the two apps. We want to help people with this process, with the launch of a new preview feature at that helps you conduct technical interviews.”

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Microsoft is seriously considering it’s competition from the likes of Slack, Britix24 and other work related tools that offer a similar experience for users and with it’s currently added feature, it goes head to show us that Skype isn’t backing down yet.

Skype Adds Real-time Code Editor Feature - Newslibre
Coding technical interviews now made easier with Skype’s new feature. (Image credit:

What makes the Skype code editor awesome?

1. Doesn’t require any software downloads

No software downloads are required for the new feature, which runs completely on, leveraging a code editor residing in Microsoft Edge or Chrome (at least version 32) browsers set to English.

2. Supports a variety of programming languages

The built-in code editors support seven programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. In addition to in-browser video calls, the system allows for live code execution and inline syntax highlighting.

3. One only needs to visit to get started

Using the new feature just requires going to and starting an interview by sharing a unique link with a prospective employee. That’s it! Nothing hard about that, right?

We hope Microsoft will continue to add more support and updates to the feature and strive to create an awesome user experience all round.

Skype Adds Real-time Code Editor Feature 2

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