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How Soon Before We Get Touch to Pay?

If you have kept your ears on the ground around tech news and trends, you are familiar with the concept of touch to pay. If you don’t know what that is, let me explain with an illustration.

Imagine you go to a supermarket, you fill your trolley with stuff you need, make your way to the counter and instead of pulling out your wallet to pay, grab your phone and tap a point of sale terminal with it. It asks you to input a pin or scan your fingerprint and just like that you have paid for your shopping. You then leave the supermarket and live happily ever after.

If this sounds amazing, that’s probably because it is and it has been in existence for a while now. In 2014 tech giant Apple introduced Apple pay which worked liked that illustration I gave above, but only on the iPhone.

In June 2016, Google launched Android pay for their Android platform and it did the same thing. The appeal for these methods of payment came from the fact that they created convenience, made checking out fast and to some extent more secure than carrying cash around.

The Apple and Android payment platforms simply required the users to attach their credit card information to the system and whenever a payment was made, the money would be deducted from the card. Quick, secure, convenient and light weight.

In Uganda however, credit cards are not a thing, even the debit cards are still picking up, but what we do have is mobile money and this presents a unique opportunity for a chance to have touch to pay.

How Soon Before We Get Touch to Pay? - Newslibre
Uganda is still a long way from switching to cashless payments, but the economy is evolving fast and it won’t remain so for long. (Picture credit: Mobile Marketing Magazine)

Mobile money already operates on mobile phones, so many people keep money on their mobile money accounts and now even more are starting to make payments for things using the same mobile money accounts.

From utilities all the way down to groceries, mobile money is penetrating the population. What this leaves is a gap for the telecom companies and financial regulatory bodies to make use of the infrastructure that is already in place on so many phones to implement this cool, fast and safe way to make payments.

So, how about it telecoms of Uganda? How about giving us Touch to Pay!

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