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Forget Data Bundles, the Internet is Coming Home

The Internet has come a long way from its inception to what we have today, fifteen years ago what we all wanted was faster Internet. Eight years after that, the speeds went up a little and then we wanted much more access.

We are closing in on 2019 and the Internet speeds are in excesses of 100mbps with access to it just about anywhere including your pockets.

Quite often the evolution of Internet technologies goes hand in hand with our demand for either faster or more access. Uganda has seen a somewhat slow reaction in this regard, we have sort of been lagging behind in the advancements and demands for world wide web technologies.

You will agree with me when I say that national demand for faster or more Internet has not been much of a concern for us until just recently.

With more millennials acquiring smart devices, there is an ever increasing demand for better, faster and larger Internet data. It is evident in the data bundles that the telecom companies are offering. They are getting cheaper and larger every passing year, but speeds are still not satisfactory.

This opens an opportunity for something new. A new Internet wave if you will, that should be filled sooner rather than later. That wave is Home Internet.

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It is great that we can have data bundles on the go, but imagine having unlimited fiber optic enabled Internet in your home. The pros of this outweigh the cons tenfold.

There are not many Internet service providers in Uganda currently that offer customized home Internet packages and those that do are quite expensive, but there is a ray of hope in this regard.

Companies like Zuku fiber, Roke Telkom and now Uganda Telecom have the means and even the infrastructure to make this a possibility. Uganda telecom owns the optic fiber backbone in Uganda maybe, just maybe their recent acquisition and possible revamp will lead to the incorporation of unlimited optic fiber Internet reaching our homes, at a good price of course.

Call this a plea to the internet service providers or a call to action for the internet users in Uganda to make demands for better Internet because if we show the demand for it, then we could get the change we deserve.

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Author: Daniel Odaka

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