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The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Dream

The Blessed Virgin Mary fell asleep on Mt. Rahel, Jesus came to her and asked; Mother are you asleep? I did sleep but you my Son awakened me, said the Blessed Virgin Mary.

She continued telling him this; I saw you in the Garden, stripped of your clothes, you were led to Caiphas to Pilate, from Pilate to Herode. There your Holy face was spat on (upon) and they crowned you with thorns.

Then they tied you to a pillar of stone and beat you with the chain of iron until your Holy Flesh fell away and then they nailed you on the cross and with a spear they pierced your side from which came your Holy Blood and Water.

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The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Dream - Newslibre
The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Dream – Newslibre (Image source:

From the cross they took your lifeless Body and laid it in my arms. Jesus answered tenderly (very), Mother of Mercy! Whoever carries this Dream with him and says it or hears it read will stay from Mortal Sin and in this way, will never die a sudden death and un-provided death without receiving my Body and Blood and whatever he asks of me or you my Mother he will receive it.

Whoever says or carries this prayer on his/her person receives 100 days indulgence and whoever says this prayer or listens to it, will not just die anywhere and not on any journey. And in whatever home this prayer will be found, there no fire or water will harm it. And if a woman in labour has it, she will deliver easily.


(After reading this dream, you may mention your petitions to Jesus at anytime whenever you read it and I assure you if you ask with faith you will receive it!)

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