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Over 20 People Injured In Land Clashes

More than 20 people have been hospitalised to several health units in Buwama Sub-county after a fight over a disputed piece of land.

A section of residents in Kasawo Village clashed on Thursday with war veterans over the ownership of the contested land on Block 360 in Bunjakko.

Prince David Mawanda reportedly allowed the veterans to use the land to grow crops and improve their incomes. Prince Mawanda is the heir of the late Prince George Mawanda Chwa who was Kabaka Mutebi’s uncle.

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Those who were injured are admitted to Buwama and Bunjakko health units.

Police fired live bullets in the air and used teargas to disperse a group of more than 500 residents who engaged in fist fights with a group of veterans they accused of destroying their crops on land.

Over 20 People Injured In Land Clashes - Newslibre
Over 20 People Injured In Land Clashes – Newslibre

The clashes erupted when Mr John Bosco Lubyayi, the area member of Parliament in the company of other district leaders including Mpigi District chairman, Mr Claver Mutuluza, resolved to visit the disputed land.

A war of words erupted between residents and a group of veterans who were found cutting trees and crops on the disputed land.

A verbal exchange culminated in fist fights while others used various weapons including stones to fight their rivals.

“The land is mine. I am the landlord. I am free to use and give away my land as I wish to anybody. I agreed with the veterans to use the land to grow maize to boost their economic well-being. I am ready to challenge the leaders who incited violence and trespass on my land in courts of law,” Mr Mawanda said.

The residents whose gardens were destroyed in the last two weeks say, Prince Mawanda allowed them to cultivate the land.

Mr Paddy Muwonge, the Buwama village chairperson said that the veterans attacked residents who tried to protect their gardens.

President Museveni reportedly pledged to buy the disputed land for the residents during the 2016 presidential campaigns according to the residents.

Mr Lubyayi said he expects Prince Mawanda to consider the plight of residents who are already using the land before considering other groups like veterans.

Source: monitor.co.ug

Over 20 People Injured In Land Clashes 1

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