Small plane crash lands in Illovo sugarcane fields.

Malawi: Plane Crash In Nchalo Sugarcane Field

The community of Nchalo, Chikhwawa in Malawi this previous weekend on a Saturday morning – 5 October, 2019 were caught by surprise when a small planed made an emergency landing in a sugarcane field.

According to reports, no one was injured in the accident that saw the small plane make an emergency landing due to mechanical issues.

“No-one was injured in the accident. The plane is a third party plane contracted by the company to carry out some work in the fields”, said the Illovo company spokesperson, Ireen Phalula.

The plane took off from Nchalo aerodrome around 6am but within two minutes into the air, the engine developed a problem forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing which is standard procedure according to Ireen Phalula.

“There are no injuries and major damage to the plane. The civil aviation authorities were called immediately to investigate the accident.”, Phalula added.

“We are waiting for a report of the investigations. The plane was serviced this week and had undergone a number of test runs. We are very pleased that the pilot was not injured,” said Phalula.

The company is still waiting on a final report from the investigation so as to understand what clearly went wrong causing the plane engine to fail even after it had undergone servicing.

Illovo Sugar is a leading, global, low-cost sugar producer and a significant manufacturer of high-value downstream products. The group is Africa’s biggest sugar producer and has extensive agricultural and manufacturing operations in six African countries.


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Malawi: Plane Crash In Nchalo Sugarcane Field 1

Author: Daniel Mughogho

Daniel Mughogho is a freelance writer for Newslibre and an online journalist from Malawi.


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