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Makerere University Students Survive Fire at Mary Stuart Hall

A fire gutted one of the oldest and most popular student hall in Makerere University Kampala at 4am before being noticed by other girls on the top floors at around 5am.

Some girls from happening at night were outside waiting for the gates to the hall to be opened at 6am since the halls are always closed between midnight up to 6am for security reasons. They tried to scream and find a way in but all in vain.

That is when the boys in Lumumba Hall picked up on the incident and ran to help but they too, couldn’t get in until the place was opened at 6am. Mary Stuart Hall has no fire extinguishers, so these brave boys had to improvise and ferry water in buckets to try and suppress the bellowing water.

Other boys searched for ladders to help the girls escape from the building after three girls jumped from the building and got injured on landing but they were taken care of. They also ran to St. Francis and St. Augustine churches to ask for fire extinguishers and help in the middle of mass, the congregation immediately ran in to help.

Some witnesses say that custodians at the Makerere Main building refused to assist them with fire extinguishers and they couldn’t access the ones locked up in the stores at Lumumba.

The police and fire brigade took long to reach the scene, arriving at 7am. We are very disappointed with this response time since there is police presence within MUK, there is a police post in Wandegeya, Kikoni and even one near Agha Khan and none made it to the scene early.

The fire brigade is less than 15 minutes away ever since the road that connects from the city centre through Kisekka to Gaddafi road with no traffic at the time the incident happened. No one died and all the injured are receiving medical attention.

The fire that started from a canteen on the ground floor is believed to have been sparked off by an electric shortage.

Mary Stuart is the biggest hall in Makerere University built in 1953 to house the university’s female students and named after Bishop Stuart’s wife. It is commonly referred to as box and has over 14 floors.

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Makerere University Students Survive Fire at Mary Stuart Hall 1

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