GFM Breaks the Sound Barrier with Its Debut EP ‘Framing My Perception’ - Newslibre

GFM Breaks the Sound Barrier with Its Debut EP ‘Framing My Perception’

Rad, awesome, hardcore and amazingly good is what you would describe GFM’s (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh) new debut EP, ‘Framing My Perception’ which was released today on all DSPs. The EP feels like a constant and never-ending-rage of guitar sounds and drums calling upon your soul to rise up and take the fight back.

Framing My Perception is beautifully crafted with a loud symbolic and rebellious reminder of what we love about metal and hardcore rock. GFM (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh) rises to the occasion to give us something some of us will never forget, a hardcore and relentless feeling of never giving up while facing the world’s hardships head-on and at the same time keeping it fun.

Having a total of five tracks, Framing My Perception offers a fun and edgy experience, blending a multitude of sounds that feel like punk while strongly showcasing that hardcore, dark and metal feeling. It is a force to be reckoned with and the metal girl group GFM just pulled it off.

Right off, you will find yourself falling in love with tracks like Burn Your Fears, Disrupt the Silence, Honest Abe, The Enemy and Why So Toxic. The EP, no matter how short it feels, hits you with a surprise punch when you get to hear how well the band shows off its vocal strength together with the well-blended sound.

The band which has been on Spring tour since March with metal heavy-hitters Fozzy has surely cemented its name in the industry and is bound to explode to something even bigger if they keep up the momentum. Powerhouse Chris Jericho personally became a fan of the band before inviting them to hit the road alongside his beloved metal group.

“This tour with Fozzy is going to be a game-changer for GFM. We’re finally getting to play in cities that fans have been asking for for years, and we’re able to do it alongside a powerhouse like Chris Jericho. We’re excited to learn and grow and meet tons of new people,” said Maggie, Vocals and Bass for GFM.

Framing My Perception tracklist

GFM Breaks the Sound Barrier with Its Debut EP ‘Framing My Perception’ - Newslibre

  1. Burn Your Fears
  2. Disrupt The Silence
  3. Framing My Perception
  4. Honest Abe
  5. The Enemy
  6. Why So Toxic

GFM (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh) isn’t your average teenage girl band

GFM Breaks the Sound Barrier with Its Debut EP ‘Framing My Perception’ - Newslibre

GFM (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh) is not your average teenage girl band, these three metal head sisters are heavy and loud, and triumphantly taking on the stage with a genre of their own, which they have penned BEAUTYCORE.

Formed by the English sisters Maggie (Bass and Vocals), CJ (Guitar), and Lulu (Drums) in Jacksonville, FL, GFM is a band set to break boundaries. They’re bringing life back to rock and metal and giving heavy music fans of all ages a space to thrive.

The sisters’ musical journey began in 2016 when they worked on their first album Identity Crisis with producers Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw (We as Human). In 2017, the girls went on their first U.S. tour and the demand was so strong for GFM that they went out again the following year on another U.S. tour, finishing out the season with their first trip to Germany for the Loud & Proud Fest where the band was met with thousands of loving fans.

GFM’s live show is unmatched as the trio comes alive through iconic wardrobe designs and unparalleled charisma. They have shared the stage with artists such as Motionless In White, Breaking Benjamin, Demon Hunter, A Day To Remember, Disturbed, Halestorm, Chelsea Grin, and more.

In 2019, GFM released their much-anticipated EP, Oh, The Horror!, after working with Eric Varnell and Billy Decker (Uncle Kracker, Sam Hunt) and headlined their own summer U.S. tour. 2020 contained their first acoustic tour along with the release of their first two singles off of their upcoming EP, Operation Take Over.

At this time, GFM caught Joey Sturgis’ (Blessthefall, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men) interest, and he got involved in the production process along with Varnell & Decker. Their song, “Give Me A Sign,” has reached 517k streams and they have a total of 2 Million overall streams on Spotify.

In 2022 the band was discovered by wrestling phenomenon and rock royalty Chris Jericho. This led GFM to their next chapter – a personal invitation from Jericho to join Fozzy on a nationwide tour. As a band of faith, they hope to encourage listeners to keep fighting as they are not alone.

GFM’s song “Taking Over” was #1 on the Christian Music Weekly Charts for 4 weeks in a row. Their song, “Graveyard of Identities” was #6 on Billboard Christian Rock Charts. Their song “On the Inside” was #9 on the Billboard Christian Rock Charts.

With their music, GFM wants to show that women and young people can play music. Music can be encouraging and not just negative.  The band is breaking boundaries in so many areas of the music industry and wants to show the growth they’ve experienced through their music.

We reached out to the band to find out what they are up to and what their EP is all about and here’s what they had to say;

GFM wants to show that women and young people can play music

GFM Breaks the Sound Barrier with Its Debut EP ‘Framing My Perception’ - Newslibre

1. The EP feels like a rebellious outcry, calling upon the masses to take on arms and fight back. Is that something the band wanted to communicate through its songs?

When we sat down to write all the songs on the Framing My Perception EP, we really did want to write songs that brought to light topics that people don’t like talking about. As Christians, we wanted to call out those who had gotten stagnant or judgmental in their faith. We also wanted to expose issues of false humility and tackle the root issues as to why certain relationships don’t work out.

2. While working on the Framing My Perception EP, what experiences excited you the most as a band?

I think just the process of pushing ourselves to create better melodies and try heavier riffs and vocals is always the most exciting part. It’s experimentation in a way, and it feels so good when the song starts to sound good.

3. What is your creative process like? Anything exciting you would like to share with your fans?

Our creative process is all over the place. We don’t really have one set way of writing songs, and each song is written in a different order. We do have a rule though when it comes to writing the heavy parts of our song though. If we are laughing because of how heavy it is, then it’s a winner.

4. Have there been incidences where people are caught by surprise after they meet or get to see your band perform live given the fact that you are a teenage girl band with a strong vocal prowess and heavy metal vibe?

All. The. Time! But that’s the fun part of it. Getting to see people’s faces after experiencing something like this for the first time never gets old, and we’re always super grateful when people take a chance and listen to our band, especially live.

5. Are there bands/artists you would love to collaborate with?

Spiritbox or Bring Me the Horizon would definitely be our top picks to collaborate with! We think that either of those bands would be so fun to work with, and we know the songs would come out sounding great!

6. How has the pandemic impacted your music? Has it influenced your current projects in any way?

The pandemic really gave us the chance to become more self-contained when it comes to writing and creating. We built our own little home “studio,” and now we have a lot more opportunities to work on music. We also really learned to utilize our social media and have tried to capitalize on all the different streaming possibilities. Having a consistent streaming schedule on Twitch and Instagram, as well as having fewer scheduled streams on TikTok and Facebook, have really helped us grow so much closer to our listeners.

7. What do the band members usually do for fun in their free time when they’re not creating music?

Being sisters and living together makes it easy to hang out whenever we’re not working on music or GFM. We all love anime, playing video games, and cooking. Some of us read, and some of us garden. We love spending time with our pups too!

8. After being in the industry for a while now, what would you describe as the band’s biggest challenges or failures faced in the last few years and how did you overcome them?

We’ve had our fair share of equipment malfunctions and being ill-prepared for them, but those mistakes taught us how to be the musicians we are today. If nothing ever went wrong, we wouldn’t know how to fix our interface connection, we wouldn’t know how to perform without in-ears until we could get the pack fixed, and we wouldn’t know how to improvise on stage to buy each other time. While things like that are definitely stressful at the moment, they have taught us so much about the stage.

9. Is there a song on the EP that the band loved working on the most and why?

They were all incredibly fun to work on. We’ve decided as a band that if we’re bored with a song, we’ll either change it or scrap it. The song “The Enemy” actually has this choir sounding part toward the end, except it was just us running around the room to sound like we were a bunch of different people singing.

Maggie had the hiccups, so we kept having to re-record the part, and every time we would almost make it through, but then she would hiccup again. Then we all couldn’t stop laughing because of how silly the whole situation was.

10. How has the band’s faith impacted its music and has it been hard navigating the music industry while staying true to your beliefs and principles?

Our faith and belief in Jesus Christ definitely impact how we write music. We want to be honest about the struggles in life that we face, but we also want to always include the process of healing and overcoming. Honestly, our faith has kept us strong over the years. Thankfully, people have really been super respectful of what we believe.

We play churches and general market clubs, and we claim the same belief in both areas. We never want to shove it down people’s throats, but we do want to present the option for the people at our concerts. We have found that people prefer us to be open with our faith, as opposed to trying to hide it.

11. What are the band’s thoughts on the metal music scene, do you think the genre still stands strong or has it evolved over the years into something else entirely?

We think it’s a little bit of both. The metal community and mindset have definitely kept up that same strength and tight-knit feeling. The music however has evolved a bit, but I think it needed to in order to survive. You can’t really expect to stay the same in a world that is constantly changing, and I think this adaptation in the metal/rock scene has led to some incredibly creative ideas!

12. Which artist/band had an impact on your decision to do music?

Skillet actually helped us decide the type of band we wanted to be when we first started. Then in 2014, Bring Me the Horizon and Asking Alexandria inspired us to write heavier music!

13. How do the members of the group manage to separate personal time from work? And has it affected your relationships both on a personal and family level?

There definitely was a learning curve in separating work and personal time, and it’s something that is easy to mix up still. We’ve really had to work on learning how to communicate with each other, so we know to give each other space or to take the day off, or to pitch in and help, so that someone else will have a little extra free time. While it may have been weird and uncomfortable at first, learning how to be open with each other helped us become so much closer.

14. What message would you love to give to your fans?

We hope they know that they are not alone and that we are rooting for them. We run all of our social media pages for the specific reason of talking to our listeners and encouraging them and laughing with them. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you ever need someone to listen.

Stay up to date on GFM’s upcoming announcements HERE.

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