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Anarbor’s Fourth Studio Album Love & Drugs Is Finally Out

After much anticipation, Arizona-based rock duo Anarbor has released their fourth studio album Love & Drugs via ONErpm. Featuring singles such as “Drugs,” “Bad Love,” and “Honeymoon in Tokyo,” the nostalgic, synth-wave feel throughout each track carries into the undeniably catchy energy of the three-year project.

Created in collaboration with producer Matt Keller (Lydia, The Maine, The Summer Set, Katastro) — Love & Drugs explores themes of drastic change, especially prevalent during a time of uncertainty while the pandemic ensued, along with the highs and lows of a romantic relationship and the ultimate self-discovery in the process of it all. Following the Tangerine EP, Love & Drugs is Anarbor’s second album release with ONErpm.

“Love & Drugs is a record that was written over a 3-year time span. The sound is a fresh combination of 80’s influences, catchy melodies, modern production and a classic Anarbor vibe. Having so much time to write songs and listen through numerous demos, choosing the songs for this record was a very particular process.

This is by far my favourite Anarbor record. I’m so proud of how far it’s come and excited to finally release this to the world.” – Slade Echeverria, vocalist of Anarbor

Recent singles such as “Emergency” and “Durango” both include incredible features from Boston’s very own Sammy Adams and hip-hop/bedroom pop act Belaganas on the latter. Considered the first album to feature collaborations for Anarbor, Love & Drugs sheds another layer of musical depth and maturity since the band’s formation close to twenty years ago. With lyrical themes of emotional responsibility and self-reflection, “Durango” ties together the universally relatable ride that is Love & Drugs.

“The song ‘Durango” is about the repercussions of pushing the boundaries. It’s about wishing you could deal with your mistakes on your own, instead of dragging the ones you care about into your mess.” – Danny Stravers, guitarist of Anarbor

Belaganas is a band formed by frontmen and vocalists Joey J and Shanker, backed by drummer Nick Wille; known for their emotionally charged music and energetic, captivating performances. Sharing in the vision of the record, Belaganas brings a unique flavour to the storytelling of “Durango” that otherwise would not have been possible.

“Danny had sent us the track before it had the opening on it for our verses, and we immediately thought it would be a dope song to collaborate on, especially being the first time we’ve ever collaborated with another band. It’s always fun to rap over different rhythms, and the push-and-pull of this track and theme was really dope to get to dive into.

It was cool to get in the studio with them and our producer Austin Jones, and really talk about the song in depth and write ideas together for it. We’re honoured to jump on a track with the big homies!” – Joey J., lead vocalist of Belaganas

Anarbor Finally Releases Its Fourth Studio Album Love & Drugs

Anarbor's Fourth Studio Album Love & Drugs Is Finally Out - Newslibre

Phoenix-based alternative rock band Anarbor was formed in 2003 while the members were still in junior high school. After signing with Hopeless Records in 2008, Anarbor found mainstream success providing theme songs for Cartoon Network’s “Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins,” ESPN’s SportsCenter, Good Day L.A. and MLB Network Countdown.

Along with relentless touring in the United States, Anarbor has appeared in Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. While partnering with Hopeless Records, Anarbor released two EPs and two full-length studio albums.

More recently, Anarbor independently released their eponymous third studio album titled Anarbor in June of 2016 and an EP in 2018 titled The EP. Both pieces of work were self-funded and produced by long-time collaborator Matt Keller (Lydia, The Maine, The Summer Set, Katastro).

Anarbor signed to ONErpm in 2020 and released the Tangerine EP. Currently, the members are touring in support of their fourth full-length studio album, Love & Drugs, in 2022. Anarbor is composed of lead vocalist and bassist Slade Echeverria and guitarist Danny Stravers.

Be sure to stream “Durango” featuring Belaganas, and take a dip into Anarbor’s fourth full-length LP Love & Drugs on all platforms via ONErpm.


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