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Top TV Series to Watch by April 2019

If you are looking a for a few new or cool TV series you probably overlooked that will grip you and have you glued to the screen, look no further. This is a list that with regular updates.

Of course, we know that tastes are different, that is why we mixed up the list and took opinions from different people at Newslibre to gauge. You’ll love most if not, all of them.

TV series are taking over. Dive into our list below of the best series you should watch before the end of April, 2019!

1. The Magicians (2015 – Present)

The Magicians - Newslibre
The Magicians – Newslibre | Credit: Syfy

The Magicians by Syfy is about a group of students who are recruited to a secret academy where they discover that the magic they read about as children is real and more dangerous than they imagined. And no, it’s not like “Harry Potter”.

The series is written by Sera Gamble who was on the writing team of the first 7 seasons of “Supernatural” so, expect nothing less. It is full of incredibly dark scenes that will leave you incredibly disturbed yet mixing in a bit of humour and two singing scenes to lift you up.

We can’t get over our love for high queen Margo, Elliot, Julia and the god Ember.

It is currently on its fourth season. We rate it 9.5/10.

2. God Friended Me (2018 – Present)

God Friended Me - Newslibre
God Friended Me – Newslibre | Credit: CBS

God Friended Me by CBS is about an atheist whose life turns upside down when God adds him as a friend on Facebook and keeps suggesting friend requests to him. He has no idea why and is obsessed with finding out who is behind the God account.

Michael Brandon Hall acts as the lead, Miles Finer and plays his part pretty well. This family drama is witty yet gripping, you will get addicted without knowing why and yet somehow tends to avoid being inclined too much on religion but rather on our own insecurities and flaws as people. You will love this one!

We rate it 8/10.

3. Whiskey Cavalier (2019 | Cancelled)

Whiskey Cavalier - Newslibre
Whiskey Cavalier – Newslibre | Credit: Deadline.com

Whiskey Cavalier by ABC is about an FBI agent by the same name and his new partner, a CIA operative, going on several missions to save the world yet unable to stand each other. We can’t forget to mention that it has the lead actor of “Everybody Hates Chris” all grown up now and Lauren Cohen who stars as Maggie in “The Walking Dead”.

The first episode is really fun, but they fail to achieve that peak in the rest of the episodes. That doesn’t mean the series is bad though, each episode has a different mission with some drama carrying over from the last. We really loved how they manage to marry senseless violence and humour.

It is sad though that ABC just cancelled it. We rate it 7.5/10.

4. Young Sheldon (2017- Present – CBS)

Young Sheldon - Newslibre
Young Sheldon – Newslibre | Credit: CBS

You already guessed it right, Young Sheldon is about a younger version of genius Sheldon Cooper and his family in Texas showing some of unique challenges he faces such as being socially impaired and other tales that he would narrate as an adult in the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

We actually find Young Sheldon much funnier and interesting than the show it was spun-off. The cast is very talented and you will enjoy watching Sheldon navigate the perils of childhood among much older kids in high school.

It currently has two seasons. We rate it 10/10.

5. Manifest (2018 – Present)

Manifest - Newslibre
Manifest – Newslibre | Credit: NBC

Manifest by NBC is about the events that take place after a group of passengers aboard a normal flight experience major turbulence just before they approach the airport they were supposed to land, but on landing discover that the world has aged five years and soon a deeper mystery unfolds.

You can’t shake off how very close this series edges to “Lost” but yet is seemingly different. You are constantly curious of what is going to happen, how will the families cope since some have aged more than the people they left and whether the situation is reversible.

We rate it 8/10.

6.Chicago Med (2015 – Present)

Chicago Med Cast - Newslibre
Chicago Med Cast – Newslibre | Credit: NBC

Chicago Med by NBC is about how the most highly skilled medical team in Chicago saves lives while navigating their unique interpersonal relationships. Keep in mind that because it is part of numerous other Chicago service series like “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire” written by Dick Wolf, there are some crossovers.

The series is mostly centered around the emergency department at the hospital, but how you often forget it is almost in one place and almost every case wheeled in is different baffles us too. If you love “The Good Doctor”, “E.R” and “The Resident”, you can’t fail to love this one.

It currently has 4 seasons. We rate it 10/10 with a golden star.

7. Lucifer (2015 – Present)

Lucifer - Newslibre
Lucifer – Newslibre | Credit: Netflix

Lucifer is about the devil, Satan, whatever you choose to call him. Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) has decided he’s had enough of being the king of Hell tormenting souls, so he decides to come on Earth and understand humanity plus party. The series is based in Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

If you are very religious, you may not want to watch because you consider it blasphemous, but it is actually pretty much deviant and interesting in its own. Lots of humour so expect that it is not a scary horror series and expect less preaching too.

It currently has four seasons. The first three seasons were originally aired by Fox, but it was cancelled and picked up by Netflix which produced the fourth season after a Twitter petition of more than 84 million tweets.

We rate it 8/10.

8. The Rookie (2018 – Present)

The Rookie - Newslibre
The Rookie – Newslibre

The Rookie by ABC is about John Nolan who joins the LAPD after a life-altering incident making him their oldest police rookie. He’s met with a lot of skepticism from those who see him as just a walking midlife crisis and faces numerous challenges.

You will love the drama, comedy and action in this series. It reminds you of the old police movies, they don’t make them like that anymore.

We rate it 9/10.

9. Grown-ish (2018 – Present)

Grown-ish - Newslibre
Grown-ish – Newslibre | Credit: Freeform

Grown-ish is a spin-off of ABC‘s “Black-ish” about Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) after joining college at Cal U and her life outside the nest, dealing with drugs, sex, pressure, education and relationships along the way.

It is aired on Freeform and many young people will relate with it as it shows and talks about most of the things they deal with today even outside school. It has a good amount of drama and is very funny, it is a plus as well that the cast speaks millennial.

It currently has 2 seasons. We rate it 8/10.

10. L.A’s Finest (2019 – Present)

L.As Finest - Newslibre
L.A’s Finest – Newslibre | Credit: Spectrum

L.A’s Finest by Spectrum is pretty new and is a spin-off series of the “Bad Boys” movies focusing on former DEA agent, Sydney Burnett (Gabrielle Union) with a complex past who has taken on a new job with the LAPD, where she’s partnering with a working mom (Jessica Alba). The two have completely different lifestyles so it is interesting to watch them work it out.

L.A’s Finest is promising, if the writers and directors keep improving it. For now, we feel like it is still a little forced and the chemistry isn’t working despite having two great female stars as leads.

We rate it 6/10.

Bonus: You (2018 – Present)

Netflixs You - Newslibre
You – Newslibre | Credit: Netflix

We also threw in a rising star bonus called “You”. It is a psychological thriller series about a New York bookstore manager (Penn Badgley) who falls in love with his customer, Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and quickly becomes obsessed with her. He might even be a serial killer or psychopath.

You” was premiered by Lifetime and become available for streaming on Netflix in December, 2018. It amassed more than 40 million views there which success got it renewed for a second season but under Netflix as a Netflix Original series. It is based on the books by Caroline Kepnes.

We rate it 8.5/10.

Do you have any TV shows you think we missed on this list that should be added or have you watched any of the above? Please let us know in the comments below.

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