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5 Easy Writing Exercises You Can Use To Reset Your Mind When Feeling Down

What is it with our mind that sometimes makes it so hard to control and work for us instead of against us? All the emotions we experience, the people we meet, and the things that happen to us in a single day can be too much for us to handle.

Our minds get burdened by all kinds of little things, and it can influence our mood, focus, productivity, and even relationship with other people. That’s when we know we need to reset our minds and find a way to breathe freely.

Resetting our minds means finding a way to clarify our thoughts and disburden ourselves. Luckily, I found writing. It has helped me nurture my mental health and find my inner balance whenever I felt like I’m losing it. And trust me, we all need this type of self-care practice in our daily routines.

The following writing exercises and techniques are what helps me reset my mind and what I know could help you too.

5 Writing Exercises and Techniques to Help You Rest Your Mind

1. Writing to let go.

I held on to a lot of things from my past, for a very long time. That’s just who I was. It was hard for me to fight the urge to go back to the memories that don’t exactly make me feel happy or excited. Most of the time, I dwelled over the bad moments from my past, making them seem even worse in my mind.

But, “letting go” was something I couldn’t do.

We all have a fair share of the things that block our minds and take up space we would otherwise use for creative thinking, positive self-talk, or even not thinking at all. But, the overwhelming thoughts have this power over us that we need to learn how to fight. For me, writing helped out so much. Here’s what I did.

Whenever those negative memories came flooding my mind, I took out my notebook and wrote down everything about this event. I wrote about the people involved, what they did, what I did, and how it all made me feel. I wrote down everything that came to my mind, without thinking. Then, I closed the notebook and never read that again.

Subconsciously, I knew those memories still exist in the notebook, but I felt like I’ve let go of them, and they no longer controlled me. My mind was freed from these memory invaders, and I could focus on the future instead of the past.

2. Writing to calm our thoughts.

Swirling thoughts that won’t go away are another problem we all face from time to time. Some of us experience it during nighttime, while we’re trying to fall asleep. Others fight these thoughts during the day when trying to focus, work, or have fun.

5 Easy Writing Exercises You Can Use To Reset Your Mind When Feeling Down - Newslibre
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These thoughts are the result of not taking the time to slow down and think about how we feel. Our minds work in mysterious ways, and that’s why these ideas and concerns come to us unexpectedly and suddenly.

The key to calming these thoughts in writing.

If we take a minute each day to sit down and think about ourselves, our minds will be eased and relieved. If we write down how we feel and leave it all on paper, our minds will thank us additionally. It’s quite simple- the more attention we give our minds, the less blocked and closed off they’ll be.

This is why writing a personal journal and spending as little as 5 minutes a day writing about how we feel can make a world of difference.

3. Writing to plan the future.

Sometimes, our minds are overwhelmed with ideas and plans we have for the future. Whether it’s the commitments we’ve made, the obligations we have, or the goals we’ve set, it can take a tow on our mental peace and balance. But, writing has helped me calm myself down and look at things from a whole new perspective.

I’ve learned to write to plan my future and thus help my mind realize we’ve got it under control.

It’s all about explaining to our minds how we plan on handling things. So, when we take out our notebooks and start writing about the future, we should be very specific. We should write about these goals and commitments, what we need to do about them, and how we plan on doing them.

This way, we’re creating guidance for ourselves. We’re being aware of the steps we need to make. Knowing what’s coming up our way is a huge advantage, and our minds are instantly lighter and reorganized.

4. Writing creatively.

I’ve always been a bit artistic at heart, but I’ve never pursued any artistic hobby in particular. When I first started writing my personal journal, I realized writing makes me feel good. That’s when I started thinking about creative writing as a potential hobby.

This is a great idea for all of us whose minds are blocked with creative energy or who don’t know how to express ourselves. Writing creatively means writing poetry, stories, scripts, or even entire books. You could have a hidden talent for writing without even knowing it, so why not give it a try?

It will help you reset your mind and restore your inner balance.

When we write creatively, we’re using up all our emotions and feelings. We’re turning how we feel into what we’re writing. This helps us process our emotions instead of suppressing them. It opens our eyes to how we actually feel or what we need.

Finally, it gives us the freedom to create something new and wonderful. And, who knows, we may end up publishing some of our creative writing. WritersPerHour can certainly help you improve your writing if you have doubts about your writing quality.

All of this makes our mind more relaxed and resets it, so we feel relaxed and stable.

5. Writing to learn about ourselves.

5 Easy Writing Exercises You Can Use To Reset Your Mind When Feeling Down - Newslibre
Photo by Bich Tran/Pexels

There’s another great thing about writing. The things we express and write down stay on that paper long term. We can go back to them, read what we’ve written a year or five years ago, and thus learn about ourselves.

This is immensely important for resetting our minds.

When we’re reading our own thoughts and ideas from the past, we get to see who we used to be and who we are today. This shows us the progress we’ve made and the changes that happened to us. The whole journey we’ve is made clear to us from the writing we’ve done over the past months or years.

Seeing this journey clearly eases our minds. It shows us that even the worse moments pass. It shows us that beautiful things happen unexpectedly. And, most importantly, it shows us that we’ve got it all under control.

6. Writing helps reset our minds.

Writing is a powerful tool for self-help, mental health preservation, and learning how to be happy. It can take time for some of us to start feeling the benefits of using different writing techniques to reset our minds. But, once we first feel the power of writing, we stay hooked forever.

I hope more of you join me in writing for personal growth and mind resetting. Take baby steps and try it out to see where that takes you. I know you’ll love resetting your mind and finding peace through writing.

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