The Decline of Whiteness 1

The Decline of Whiteness

Ancient Egyptians believed that their Pharoah was a representative of God on Earth, and sacred. The very idea of monarchy is rooted in this religious idea of divine kingship. As long as ancient Egypt civilisation was strong and stable, the illusion of divine kingship may well have perpetuated to date.

One can’t help but stop and think for a moment how the Ancient Egyptians reacted when they realised that universe offered them no pre-determined/ordained special treatment, that their king/queen wasn’t divine after all and that their lands could be invaded by foreigners?!

The lost art of ancient Egypt.

Ghanaian pan-Africanist scholar and writer, Ayi Kweh Armar, argues that this belief actually paralysed the Ancient Egyptians and made them unable to cope with the reality check when it came.

How can one explain their ability to build megastructures like pyramids but fail to build a proper defensive fort against potential enemies and attacks?!

In some sense, whiteness has functioned similarly to divine kingship, paralysing those who are invested, trapping them into resentment of the reality that they are obviously not different from any other.

For hundreds of years, people racialised as white were often taught that they were inherently superior to other human beings; that they could disregard the feelings of other races without having to fear consequences because their supremacy was, in fact, eternal, pre-ordained by God and science.

The decline of “whitness” deeply rooted within our society norms and culture continues to grow.

A popular South African televangelist and pastor, Angus Buchan, said only Jews and Afrikaners shared a covenant with God. How do you explain that in this day and age?!

Popular South African televangelist and pastor, Angus Buchan.
Popular South African televangelist and pastor, Angus Buchan once said only Jews and Afrikaners shared a covenant with God.

When major shocks to this system inevitably came, people racialised as white were often unable to process what was happening. For example, during the Haitian revolution, the white French came up with all kinds of theories about the rebels being white people in blackface rather than accept the obvious fact that their former slaves had risen against them. And that it was possible for them to do so.

Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character in George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones book's
Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character in George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones book’s. The symbolism in that scene may speak volumes to some.

To cut the long story short, what will happen when money no longer whitens? When whiteness is no longer synonymous with power?

When whiteness is no longer default? When Chinese, Indian or Afrikan actors are ‘universal’ sex symbols in the way Goerge Clooney and Bradd Pitt are thought to be? When the world’s leading economies are in Asia? Whiteness will have to find a totally new meaning.

This process is already underway.

Formal apartheid almost certainly can’t return to South Africa, though a civil war that will have racial and ethical complications still seems possible.

I doubt that the white farmers that returned to Zimbabwe will attempt to restore the old pre-1980 undisguised racial order.

These are all signs of the demise of ‘whiteness’ as a superpower across the world.


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The Decline of Whiteness 2

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