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10 Tips To Consider When Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting can be stressful, especially when you have a budget to consider and have a long list of requirements on top of your expectations.

But whether you are a fresh graduate trying to live independently or moving due to job-related reasons, here are some of the things you need to be keen on so you can find a living space that not only suits you and your needs but also be life-changing for you:

1. Find out if the place is present on the web map.

If you are going to a prospective apartment for the first time, it would be easy to locate it if it is present in Google Maps. Ensuring the place exists on the web map will help you for future deliveries or simply when friends are coming over for a visit. However, if it is not present on Google Maps, you can simply add it via the Add a Place feature.

2. Know the reason why the last tenant left.

Not to be nosy or anything, but to be immediately informed about the potential issues you may also encounter with your prospective apartment. They may cite reasons like changing job locations or needing a bigger space, and these are acceptable.

However, recurring power outages, troublesome next-door neighbours, or a residential burglary might be something you should consider before saying yes to the landlord.

3. Scan the neighbourhood.

For accessibility and convenience, locate the nearest bus stop, hospital, school, convenience store, supermarket, and restaurants. Make sure the distance is walkable.

If you are moving in for the sole purpose of making your apartment life more manageable, then your prospective apartment must have these essential establishments nearby.

4. Inspect for full appreciation.

Many apartment seekers haphazardly make lease decisions just because of an attractive advertisement. Do not make the mistake of deciding on impulse only to find yourself in regret later on. Always think that there could be other better places for rent.

Once you are interested in one, schedule a physical inspection with the landlord and let him walk you through the place. In this way, you can learn about major and minor issues and uncover potentially finance-threatening problems like leaky pipes, pest infestation, and broken fixtures.

This could also be a perfect opportunity for you to ask your landlord about what he is willing to cover and his plans for further improvements.

Following these tips will help make your search for an apartment easy

10 Tips To Consider When Apartment Hunting - Newslibre
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5. Check the hallway space.

You can help your movers prepare and strategize for your move by providing them with details of your house space. Yes, you may eyeball the measurements for those that may fit but inform them about any difficulties you think may pose a challenge. In such a way, both of you can be time-efficient with the entire moving process.

6. Ensure adequate daylight.

Daylight does not only provide a healthy and conducive living space, but it also can save you money since you do not have to switch any lighting on during the day.

Apartment living is also about saving money, so an apartment that does not have enough windows to bring in sunlight may mean you have to get the electricity bill running during the day.

7. Open the windows.

You also want to check if there are windows especially in the kitchen where the cooking will be. If your apartment does not have one, then you must get used to your linens, clothes, and the entire house smelling like a hot dish.

8. Prepare enough funds and get insured.

Financial preparation is key to living at ease in your first few months in the apartment. Estimate your savings. It can be discouraging to find an apartment that fits your needs can be discouraging only to realize you do not have enough funds to pay for the security deposit.

In terms of insurance, ask your prospective landlord if they require renter’s insurance, so you do not need to shell out money to replace all the household items and appliances in the event of any untoward incident such as a fire or robbery.

9. Reread the contract.

This is another aspect of renting that most people tend to neglect. Reading can guarantee assurance that your landlord included everything you both agreed to. Thoroughly review the contract to ensure no misinformation or terms that were not discussed with you.

Will you be allowed to have visitors staying in? Is your landlord okay with pets? What are other hidden charges you should be aware of? And whose responsibility is it to have broken pipes or furnishings fixed? The contract can serve as the middleman between you and your landlord, especially when you both do not know who is accountable for something.

10. Make a list of all the things you need.

Even the most minor items, such as scissors, should be on your list. This strategy is essential to facilitate a seamless transfer to avoid going back and forth to the store just because you forgot something. Also, organize the tasks you need to do in one place, prioritizing which one to do first so you can save time, money, and effort.


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