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4 Hotel Nightmares You Should Avoid When at Your Lodging

Staying in a hotel can be relaxing, but before you kick off your shoes and flop down on the bed, there are a few things you should check to make sure your stay is safe, clean, and comfortable. Here are four things you should look out for to avoid a hotel nightmare.

1. Beware of Bed Bugs

The very first thing you should do when you get to your room is to check the bed for bed bugs. Bed bugs can be seen without a microscope, so peel back those sheets and do a thorough inspection before bedding down for the night. Bed bugs aren’t just gross. They can hitch a ride in your luggage and infest your home, so be careful.

2. Check for Smoke Alarms

If you haven’t been affected by a fire, smoke alarms may be the last thing you think about when you are trying to relax and enjoy your vacation. However, smoke alarms can save your life if there was ever a fire in your hotel, so you should check to make sure they are in place and in proper working order.

Many fire alarms have a light on them that will flash or stay green. This is an easy way to see that the device is ready to go.

3. Look Out for a Way Out

If you are travelling, chances are you are unfamiliar with the layout of the hotel. If there was an emergency, you must know how to escape the building. The front desk should be able to provide you with a map of the hotel, and fire escape routes should be posted in multiple locations throughout the building.

At the very least, you should know how to access the nearest stairway and be able to exit without the elevator. Take note of exit doors. If you’re staying with someone who is in a wheelchair or would struggle going down steps due to health concerns, consider a first-floor room. This is a great way to ensure you can easily exit the building if necessary.

4. Pay Attention to Dirty Details

Bugs are just the beginning of the gross things found in hotels. Even the most well-intentioned housekeepers may miss key areas when cleaning your room. Fingerprints on door handles and faucets, soap scum in the shower, and odd smells are telltale signs that your room hasn’t been cleaned properly.

If you feel like your room is dirty, don’t feel bad for asking for new accommodation. A well-managed hotel will do its utmost to give you the best quality stay possible. This should always include a clean room.

You deserve to stay in a space that is healthy and comfortable. The last thing you want is to get sick while you’re trying to enjoy your vacation. Bugs, germs, and unexpected emergencies can quickly turn a peaceful getaway into a disaster. Look out for these four things so you can have a positive hotel stay every time.


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