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The Life Time Investment

I bet you are eager to figure out what it is you are about to find out and invest in. Well, good for you because you don’t even need money to do it. All you need is yourself.

This takes me to the next crucial topic, which is Social Capital. By definition, its defined as, ‘the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively’ (this is the one Google offered).

But, I think this runs deeper than just society functioning and all. I want to look at this on a personal level. Let me see how to put this. Your social capital as a person is everything! I repeat it’s everything! So, this means you need every single person.

You build networks and create connections at every place that you step foot because where this economy is headed, that’s seems like the only way we are going to make this work.

Social capital is an investment you don’t know when the returns will come through, but you are sure that they will one way or the other. So, invest as much as you can in yourself.

This is a one-man job so don’t be out there banking on your parent’s social capital. That’s theirs and you need to create yours because you are not going to go all over the country declaring how you are so and so’s son or daughter.

When you create your own social capital, you are proud of it in a way because you know you put in the effort. I don’t mean this in terms of work only but also the social way too.

People that come through when you hold events or small parties, those you celebrate achievements with or share your trials with are very important. They are like an emotional army of sorts that always comes through ready to be there for you. If you isolate yourself all in the name of “I mind my business and do my thing”, then you have doomed yourself.

The Life Time Investment - Newslibre
Social capital is an investment you don’t know when the returns will come through, but you are sure that they will one way or the other. So, invest as much as you can in yourself.


I’ve come to notice that in this generation people associate with being anti-social as cool. Someone straight up tells you, “I’m anti-social I don’t like going out there talking to everyone and stuff I like to do my own thing”

Okay, yes I know we have people that are genuinely anti-social and maybe they don’t like it. Because being anti-social is not and has never been a good thing. It’s not something to brag about and take pride in because at the end of the day you are going to need people.

Make them now people. …now

The Life Time Investment - Newslibre

Anti-social or not get out there and make it work. Don’t be too picky and all (okay be picky just enough even then don’t over show it) because you know who you will need when it comes to it.

So, fellow children of the Lord. Let’s be humble and accept that we need each other. Speaking of being humble, that will be a story for another day. For now, let’s network because that will be your net worth! (Damn I just killed that line)

The smartest people have failed in life because they thought they could do it alone not realising that no one does life alone and it is impossible. Some people who haven’t stepped foot in school have made it and have been able to build empires while at it.

For those that have had a chance to go to school and meet plenty of people from different walks of life have an advantage which we shouldn’t take for granted. Invest in social capital as much as you can. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.


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