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Pepper Spray: The Preferred Weapon for Self Defense

Self-defense refers to an act of defending one’s self from bodily harm or damage to property. Self-defense is a right but not a luxury, it is everybody’s right to protect his/her property and body in a way that one feels is convenient to their financial weight or health.

There are a wide range of products for one to choose and fit their needs in protecting property and body from grave harm and intrusion.

A variety of products can be used for self-defense such as a stun gun, pepper spray, mace pepper spray, personal alarms, animal repellents, sling shots and closed circuit cameras. A person selects a weapon that according to one’s expectation and the kind of job that the product is meant for.

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Pepper Spray

A pepper spray is a small hand held device that sprays an aerosol form, containing ingredients of oleo-resin capsicum (OC) that irritates the eyes causing tears and pain to the attacker deterring them from doing harm to a woman.

Pepper Spray The Preferred Weapon for Self Defense - Newslibre
Pepper Spray The Preferred Weapon for Self Defense – Newslibre (Image credit: Jahoo Clouseau

The pepper spray has different varieties which a lady can choose from like the pepper shot brand, wildfire brand, mace brand and lipstick pepper spray.

Pepper sprays contain ingredients recommended by the law like Oleoresin Capsicum 10 percent, capsaicinoid substances not exceeding 2.5 percent, all totaling to 20ml in a single can of pepper spray.

This helps to avoid causing gravely harm to the offender because pepper sprays may lead to temporary blindness and breathing restrictions, though the effects are not long lasting.

The pepper spray is aimed in the attacker’s face as he attempts to cause harm to you. When the foam from the spray comes into contact with the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, it weakens the attacker instantly and it leads to irritation of the eyes, leading to temporary blindness and there after sound an alarm for help as you flee from the offender.

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Why pepper spray is preferred by women

The pepper spray is a preferred weapon by women against would be aggressors and rapists during awkward hours and when walking alone.

Pepper Spray The Preferred Weapon for Self Defense - Newslibre
The pepper spray has different varieties like the pepper shot brand, wildfire brand, mace brand and lipstick pepper spray.

The pepper spray is a valuable self-defense tool and weapon because it is small, light and can easily be carried in a handbag without raising any attention and hassle. It comes with an easy to read manual for any kind of person to easily adapt to its use and requires little expertise on how to use.

It is effective in preventing rape violence against women. A few women can physically engage attackers but with pepper spray, even the weak ones can outsmart their offenders.

Requirements for use of pepper spray

One should avoid rubbing the spray directly to the skin so as not to prolong the burning sensation. Avoid spreading it to other parts of the body and touching the affected areas. Usually first aid can be administered using a baby shampoo to remove the spray.

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