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6 Tips to Improve Your Dating Life During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in our dating experiences. Many people are stuck at home trying to avoid catching the virus or passing it to others; we’re practising social distancing and wearing masks. Despite all these coronavirus changes, people are still seeking love and connection. 

Coronavirus and dating is now a thing, and hookup dating sites report increased user engagement on their platforms. But the old rules don’t apply, so we’ve compiled a few coronavirus dating tips to help you find love and improve your dating during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Postpone Getting Physical

It’s challenging to meet up in person when dating during coronavirus, so why not use this period to get to know your potential partner well. While physical chemistry is a critical element in every serious relationship, other factors such as shared beliefs, life goals, emotional chemistry, and general compatibility are equally essential.

If your goal for coronavirus dating is to find a long term partner, holding off on getting physical is arguably the best way to improve dating during coronavirus. 

2. Be Direct and Honest

One aspect of coronavirus online dating is not knowing if meeting up in person is on the table. It can be challenging to keep momentum when you can’t see each other in person. If everything is going well and you have chemistry, be honest about not knowing what to do next.

You can find a creative way of asking them to go out with you or ask directly. For example, asking ‘what does social distancing mean to you?” is an excellent way of phrasing it. 

3. Address Your Problems

The coronavirus pandemic is an uncertain, tumultuous, and isolating period. These challenges are bound to seep into your relationship. A crucial aspect of coronavirus and relationships is to address your problems as they come up. Be open about your struggles and if there’s a misunderstanding, try to listen and be more understanding of your significant other. 

4. Revamp Your Profile 

Image is an undeniable aspect of coronavirus dating. So getting your profile in order is the best way to create a great first impression and improve your chances of finding someone.

Use this opportunity to revamp that ancient profile and to make it stand out. Add some current photos and write a well-thought profile that shows who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner. 

5. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Your Partner

While your partner may be the only person you’re in close physical contact with, expecting him to fulfil all your emotional needs puts them under undue pressure. Expecting them to be your everything is a recipe for resentment and disappointment. Try to connect with other people in your support network either virtually or through a socially distanced hangout.

6 Tips to Improve Your Dating Life During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Newslibre
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6. Embrace the Mask and Social Distancing 

If you decide to meet up for an in-person coronavirus date, it’s critical to take precautions to stay safe. You can both take a coronavirus test before the date and stay six feet apart and wear a mask during the date. You can go for a walk, picnic, and barbeque or grab a drink at a restaurant with outdoor seating. You may experience some resistance if you choose to mask up, and one way to counteract this is to inform your date beforehand that you’ll be wearing a mask and you’d like them to wear one as well. 


Coronavirus dating can be challenging, but these tips will help you make the right dating choices to improve your dating life and find true love. Do you have any other coronavirus dating tips? Please let us know in the comment section below.



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6 Tips to Improve Your Dating Life During the Coronavirus Pandemic 1

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